Favorites at Trader Joe's?


So glad that they now carry Red Boat fish sauce. My favorite as of late has been the sambal matah. It’s spicy and slightly sweet. I love to eat it with a hot bowl of rice and natto (from Mitsuwa).


Red Boat! I’ll have to look for that. What’s it shelved with?


the aisle w/ the sauces, mustards, pickles, bottles & cans


tried this last week and the canned clams were rubbery. avoid. best to stick to the soup the way it’s packaged or find some better quality clams to add in. but, it’s still decent prepackaged clam chowder.


Love the B-12 sublinguals
Pub Cheese is addictive with some pretzels
Flowers…they have a bunch of Daff’s for $1.50…or Freesia that smell like Moorea for $6.
Just got the black bean and cheese taquitos…


Pub Cheese makes sinful-good grilled cheese too! As for pretzels, well, maybe it could make them edible … :wink:


Holy crap Will…you are da man!


Moving on into the summertime, I picked up one of the spatchcocked chickens (which may or may not be regional), forgetting for the moment that spatchcocking is a way of preparing for cooking, not of cooking per se. “Damn,” I thought, “This thing is almost raw!” Correction: it WAS raw, as I figured out after I’d cut it up! but I put everything on a rack in one of my gratin pans, heated the oven up to around 375º and stuck it in there for about 35 minutes (They’re tiny). Not my favorite combinations of flavors but pretty nice, and almost as succulent as it would have been if I’d left it whole. About the same price as a supermarket cooked bird (this was the smallest they had, at $9.40) and about that nice to eat. Both thighs and half a breast are on the lunch menu tomorrow; we’ll see how they are cold.


I bet that rack had been “snipped” into an oval/round shape, huh?


During this sweltering weather, icy-cold plums, plumcots, and CherriYums (cherry-plum hybrid) have been heaven-sent.


Free sample, coffee and cold beverage stand. I hit all 3 religiously.


Ours doesn’t have a cold beverage sample. But I just love their coffee.


Spatchcocking is just cutting out the backbone and flattening the bird out. It makes a huge difference in how it cooks; a 14-lb turkey cut that way can be cooked through within three hours, and be quite succulent. For someone following a traditional recipe it can throw her or him way off. Certainly did me first time around.


We’ve been doing them like that for decades. On indirect heat on the Weber. Done in about two hours.


catholiver, I misunderstood your query about the rack. I do have one small round cake rack that I snipped to fit an oval pan, but I managed to find one oblong one that exactly fit my second-largest one. I guess I’m not the only Gratin Freak on the planet after all!

Most of those, BTW, are a not-exactly-matched set of tinned copper ones I scored at an annual antiques show/sale that used to be held in a couple of motels across from Opryland. I think we paid $60 for five of them! Of course that was 20-some years ago …

I might get another one of these birds and try grilling it in the hinged basket. I like to do direct heat with that. Indirect bird-cooking on the Weber is something I use a skillet for. I did a couple of ducks that way on the front porch on a very cold winter day sometime in the Eighties. When we moved out in 2000, there was still a ring of staining in the concrete floor from duck fat!


Where are you located? My experience is that TJ’s fruit isn’t generally worth the bother, although the comparison around these parts isn’t fair (Monterey Market, Berkeley Bowl, a myriad of farmer’s markets and local shops).


I’m in LA. I wouldn’t say it’s really great fruit at TJ’s, but it’s convenient. We have amazing farmer’s markets here, but I don’t always have the time to go to one, and I hardly ever carry cash with me.


“heaven sent” sounded like really great fruit! :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry, I just meant that having ice-cold, juicy stone fruit is really refreshing during swelteringly hot summer days.


The Inside Flyer I just received has a “Dinner in a Chip” - Turkey and Stuffing Seasoned Kettle Chips. Has anyone here tried these? If so, comments welcome!