Favorites at Trader Joe's?


HA. We almost got these the other day but ended up putting 'em down. It’s now a matter of when, not if. Will keep ya posted.


Had these at the sample station. A few were quite nice, tasting heavily of sage, but I don’t think I’d want to eat a full serving.


Also sampled these. Nope.


Korma Fish Curry. Their Indian entrees are usually good, and this one may be my favorite.


Latest flyer advertises Cultured Salted Butter from Brittany. $2.99 for 8.8 ounce (250g?) package.

Anyone here yet sampled?


They’ve had it for a while now (even though they just put that blurb in the latest “fearless flyer”). I think it’s pretty good QPR. I’ve been using it as my “regular butter” since they started carrying it. It’s pretty tasty—especially for $2.99.


It’s amazing how good the fish is in that dish. It’s not too dry at all.


ok—I’m LOVING this: Avocado’s Number Guacamole to Go

It’s the same guac as the Avocado’s Number (2 larger packs), but in individual 2oz packages (6 per box) @ around $3. As a single person, buying or making guac leads to either lots of waste or the guac turning brown before I can finish it. These small pacs are great to top a sandwich with, or w/ an omelet or small quesadilla. Plus if you want some avocado w/ your lunch @ work, you can just toss this in your lunch bag.


They had last week a new Jalapeno Lime-Aid juice that was really good…
It would be a nice kicker in a marg mix…

Summer is when they get fresh watermelon juice and damn, I love dat sh*t!


That sounded really good, and I was going to try it, but the ingredients list shows that the fish is swai. I won’t eat that stuff – very questionable overseas farming techniques. I do like the Chicken Tikka Masala in that same line though.


ok y’all, real talk: does anyone buy the hard boiled eggs on a regular basis?

don’t judge me plz.


They sell hard boiled eggs? Are they shelf-stable?


they’re sold in the fridge section w/ the regular eggs


Costco sells them also.

I’m the last thing from a germophobe but I’d not buy them.


I don’t buy the TJs ones, but I do buy the Costco ones. My DH does a low carb diet, and they are a quick breakfast/snack for him at work. I’ve also used them when I needed to make a bunch of deviled eggs and didn’t want to spend time boiling and peeling 2 dozen eggs (I don’t have much patience and my time is valuable). DH eats them out of the packet, but for deviled eggs, I do rinse them in cold water before cutting.


New favorite at Trader Joe’s: The salted cultured butter imported from Brittany, France for 3.99 (4.99 on the east coast). What a bargain! It’s legit. Organic Valley European cultured butter is the cheapest high-fat Euro butter I can find, but Trader Joes packs more flavor and character. Also, when you squeeze it, it’s hard as a rock. You can tell the butterfat content is high. I’m guessing at least 84%.

Now if only they came out with an unsalted version. But I’m going to try to bake with it anyway. High butterfat cultured butter is rare to find at this price.


I love this butter—very high QPR. I’ve been using it since the beginning of the year.

I’ve only baked with it once (because I was out of unsalted butter and had a package of the Brittany butter in the fridge)----a batch of brownies and I could defiantly taste the salt coming through. It wasn’t a bad thing, as salt and dark chocolate are a nice combo, but saltier than if I had used unsalted butter and added salt to the dry mixture.


Yeah, I was on the fence about adjusting for salt. But I guess I should. I’ve estimated from the pure sodium content in the packaging that the amount of salt in 1 package is about 5g .


Let us know how that goes—I’m curious how it works out.

I picked up some Kerrygold unsalted yesterday from TJs to keep in the fridge (for future spontaneous baking). Not as much of a “bargain”, but still cheaper than most places. The Brittany butter has become my regular go to for everything else.


“Envy” apples in the produce section.