Favorites at Trader Joe's?


Although they’re out-of-season now, my vote is for the Opal apples. Great flavor, and they don’t brown after cutting.


I got this. Shit was delicious - 98234-bacon-cheddar-ranch-dip


It’s so good with Ruffles!


The cashier when I was buying it got excited and said he puts it on his burgers too when he makes them. :smile:


Happy to see a blip of activity on this thread. Perhaps this should go under FTC confessions, but the only reason I still check chowhound is for the Trader Joe’s monthly yay/nay thread :roll_eyes:


The “1000-Day” Gouda is very, very good.


The 1000 day gouda and the Unexpected Cheddar are 2 of my favorite cheeses ever.


Is it an aged gouda that you would use like a parm?


Never tried it like I would use a parm, but it’s a great snacking cheese or on a cheese platter. It’s dry, but has a nice intense flavor to it. It’s got the little crystals in it, which I love in cheese. It’s great with sliced apples.


It’s good for cooking and eating. I buy a lot of expensive, hard-to-find cheese, and it holds its own.

If you cook with it, I think the flavor is somewhere between cheddar and Gruyere.


This bread makes some good french toast!


Many if not all of their breads are regional, or may vary regionally depending on who they contract with to make them.

Pain Pascal is a Poilâne-style levain baked by Pascal Rigo’s company that makes great toast. To my taste it needs to be toasted since it’s sold in plastic-wrapped quarters and thus has lost all its crunch. I don’t know if its’ available outside of the SF Bay Area.


I like the Trader Joe’s canned jack fruit.


I buy the par baked baugettes from TJ’s and leave them in my freezer for whenever. works out great so far.


I do that with the baguettes I buy from Epicure Gourmet. I buy several, bring them home and cut them into thirds. I can fit 1 baguette (3 thirds) into a gallon size freezer bag this way.


Has anyone tried these? I’m dubious that they would freeze well.


I bought them maybe a year ago and didn’t care for them. The outside of each one was close to being burnt, so they were bitter tasting. (they were much darker than the ones shown in that picture) Never bought them again. Could have been a bad/overbaked batch though.


I tried the 1000-day cheddar a long while ago, and didn’t like it much. Last week though, I gave it another try and it seemed pretty good. Non-processed cheese isn’t always consistent. I generally get Old Amsterdam gouda from TJs – usually it’s good to excellent, but I had a wedge a while back that had noticeably inferior flavor. YMMV.

I find that the dark caramelly super-aged Goudas (5-year) are more intense – except that they can also be a bit sock-y, which is a flavor I don’t care for.


I bought them no more recently than a couple of years ago. They were ok. I was in no rush to keep a stock of them on hand, but they weren’t bad, and very convenient. No idea if they’re using the same supplier now, etc.


The Valentine’s Day Gummie Candy – They come in Xs and Os. Nice flavors.

Has anyone tried the new frozen Jackfruit Yellow Curry with Rice yet? How is it?