Favorites at Trader Joe's?



This was inedible. It’s hard to believe Italians had anything to do with it. False advertising in the picture, too, there were a lot fewer vegetables.

I wouldn’t normally buy that sort of thing, just cleared out a friend’s freezer because she ran out of time before the movers came. I’d have returned it for a refund if I’d bought it.


Oh, great. Well… at least I can have a bit more room in the freezer. Or is it salvageable with some help?


It had an off flavor and something was wrong with the texture of the spelt.

If you have a package, you might as well try it. We didn’t feel like we had to rinse our mouths or anything. And if you don’t like it you can get your money back.


I’ve had the spelt risotto before and don’t remember it being off-putting, but also not something I’ve bought regularly (or at all in a year, at least).


Lately I’ve soured on many of the frozen and refrigerated “prepared” dishes. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I’ve been disappointed with several things I’ve picked up in the last couple of months. These days I’m mostly sticking to fridge/pantry items.


I tried the white truffle potato chips today…they were just chips. I was not impressed.


Has anyone tried the Coconut Aminos Seasoning Sauce? They were sampling a cauliflower stir fry that’s made with it and my wife picked up both. Haven’t tried it yet but wondered if anyone had opinions.


I haven’t had that brand, but I occasionally use coconut amino sauce. It doesn’t thrill me the way Bragg’s Amino does. I find it a bit bland.


i buy the organic cold brew concentrate $60 at a time. Not quite as good as the Chameleon brand, but half the cost so…


They have Red Boat fish sauce? That seems a bit high end for Trader Joes.

For macaron lovers, they have their own blanched almond flour for a while now, that’s cheaper than the Red Mill. Before, you could only get the unblanched flour.


Sure does, but they do.


I believe the Red Boat fish sauce was recently discontinued at Trader Joe’s.


I adore the new Citrus Medley Whole Milk Greek Yogurt. I can taste the lemon, lime, blood orange and grapefruit. I have one for breakfast each morning at the office with granola as I catch up on E-mails.


That sounds fantastic! Is the actual fruit in it?


Thanks for the rec. I’ll have to give the citrus a try. I love most of the new-ish whole milk Greek yogurts they’ve introduced. The matcha is lovely with a light green tea flavor, the avocado citrus rich while bright from the slight acidity, and the coconut a decadent breakfast treat (and a perfect pair with granola).


Yes they stopped carrying it within the last year.


No, there isn’t.


that’s tragic news because I would have stocked up had I known.


@savvysearch My post about the Red Boat sauce was from 2 years ago. It’s been discontinued and I believe it was a limited promotion for market exposure. At least it’s still on the shelves at Whole Foods.

Winter holiday season hit I’m still enjoying from my cupboard: Rabitos Chocolate Covered Figs from Spain. I’m gonna look for this again come November/December.

I’m a fan of Trader Joe’s Masala Simmer Sauce, but I water it down with cashews blended in water. Makes for an easy chicken tikka masala like curry. For a low-carb sub, I cook TJ’s cauliflower rice w coconut instead of Jasmine rice.