Favorites at Trader Joe's?


I have a bag of that from some time last year. Thanks for the feedback.


I tried the black bean one as well. Texture like pasta, tastes like beans. Pretty good.

I think they might this stuff with a house-brand label:



re: chili crisp

are you only supposed to use/eat the oil?


I give it a stir and spoon it onto stuff in all its chunky glory.




I didn’t think much of this. Chunks of cucumber in a thin yogurty mess that was neither sauce or dip.


I’m guessing the cucumbers are releasing a ton of water. I’ve tried this product in the past too - what a waste.

My mom used to add sliced cucumbers to potato salad (Japanese thing). It adds balance to the otherwise heavy potato salad as Japanese palate often favor lighter tastes.

I remember trying to duplicate the recipe. I got the ingredients right and was close on the proportions. I refrigerated the salad. Afterward, I took out the salad and it was filled with water. My mom told me that after she sliced the cucs, she salted them, let them drain, then squeezes them in a towel to assure the cucs wouldn’t “bleed” water into the salad.

Those extra steps are well worth the time and effort for these types of applications. I doubt that step is being taken by whoever is making this product for TJ.


Do you think it would matter if the cakes were the long thin ones that are shrink-wrapped? They seem to have almost no seeds and less of the softer center part that would seem to hold more water.


TJs Bacon Cheddar Ranch Dip.

They were sampling it a while back and it was super. We’re on our second container now. I’ll try to not be without it :slight_smile: I even added some to some pasta.


The cukes?

Cucumbers hold a lot of water, no matter what kind. So I would do these steps regardless.


English cucumbers are also wet. If you don’t want to salt and squeeze the cucumbers, you can avoid soggy tzatzki by using lebne or straining the yogurt through cheesecloth.


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I add diced or sliced kosher dills to my potato salad (and usually add some pickle juice to the mayo/mustard combo). It cuts the fat a bit and adds some crunch and tang to the salad. It works much better than adding celery to potato salad for some crunch (and tastes better too).


Thanks for the info. What did you serve the black bean pasta with? Doesn’t seem as versatile as plain rice GF or other other GF pastas.


Spicy tomato sauce and Reggiano.


What an awesome combination, thanks!


Had this over a year ago. Made a note to add it to the list of items to write up but never did and apparently didn’t make any notes but I’m remembering it as ridiculously thick.

Saw it this weekend and was surprised they’re still selling it. Maybe they’ve tweaked the recipe, or are trying to.

I’m liking the Zhoug sauce. Tried it a month ago and bought 2 containers this time. Cilantro, Canola, Jalapeno peppers, chile flakes, garlic, cardamom, sea salt, cumin seed. A lot thinner and not as spicy as Sabra’s S’chug.


Rich and not too sweet. I love it.


Back at Trader Joe’s, Red Boat Fish Sauce


That’s a great price. If I remember correctly, it’s normally $7-8.