Favorites at Trader Joe's?


The breaded eggplant cutlets are really good. Makes eggplant parmesan a breeze.


I’ve used them but they have to be done stovetop or in the oven. IIRC they show microwave as an option, but that just doesn’t cut it. Good for parm or parm sandwiches. .


Good call. I always bake them in the regular oven myself.


Did someone slam Trader Joe’s recently? :thinking:

A few of my faves

The Organic Marinara has no salt, no oil, so you can put your own footprint on it when you’re not feeling scratch, TJ’s Organic Sour Cream is the best sour cream I’ve ever had, $.99 greeting cards + a few of my other essentials.

They have good frozen nibbles and prepared foods, but check the sodium levels :open_mouth:. The meats and eggs? :zipper_mouth_face:

Oh, and @attran99? You were asking for easy, ice chest friendly picnic foods?

Add Mayo or Veganaise, a very generous amount of Tabasco, scallions if you feel like it and you’ve got yourself a party.

Edit: We bought booze, wine, beer & other provisions for the weekend. Our bill was $145. I’m not a bargain hunter, but that seems pretty good to me.


I love that slaw mix! I add it to a apple cider-based vinaigrette with crushed ramen and the ramen spice packets. I found the recipe in Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings book. Works great for parties…especially if you serve them in Chinese take-out boxes with chopsticks.


I’m going to clip a couple boxes of instant ramen from work and make that. :relaxed:


I’m stealing that idea. Thanks!


no red boat at Palmdale Trader Joe’s 5/14. Also no $7.99 cold brew concentrate, has been out of stock for 2 weeks now.

Will check Toluca Lake TJ today.


Red Boat and coffee syrup(?) in abundance at TJ in Fox Hills. You probably need to start bugging mgmt at your TJ about the products that other units carry.


I picked up a chunk of aged harvarti today. really good.


I’m betting TJs collects and analyzes their data VERY carefully. I certainly see things in SF and SEA that I don’t see in Reno. What the market will bear. Actually I see that in Costco aplenty when we travel.


For some reason I can’t rotate this.


A friend who’s worked there for years told me that Trader Joe’s drops the least popular 10% of products every year, but individual store managers have a lot of responsibility for choosing what to stock.


If you find Flamin’ Hot Cheetos delightful, Trader Joe’s is now carrying Spicy Cheese Crunchies. It may not pack the same Flamin’ Hot wallop, but it’s still pretty potent. I picked up a bag today because I was curious…I now realize that I want a tub of whipped cream cheese to pair with them.


Korean pancake, from the frozen section. Very flavorful, no sauce needed. I like how it heats up with outside crispy/crunchy and the inside a bit gooey.


I like those, too.


How do you heat them? Sounds good.


Straight from freezer to hot pan with a tiny bit of oil. Maybe a couple minutes per side? Whenever the outside gets the color and crispiness you want. I like mine a bit browned.


I just saw this “shelf stable whipping cream” at TJs today. I find ALL milk in Brazil to be in tetra paks so this is very appealing to me. A question: can I use “whipping cream” when a recipe calls for “heavy” cream? TIA.


Yes, you can use whipping cream when a recipe calls for heavy cream. However, I wouldn’t use shelf stable cream at all. Ultra-pasteurizing gives cream a grainy texture and a chalky flavor.

One of the few products I like at Trader Joe’s is the cream that is pasteurized, not ultra-pasteurized. It has a sweet, clean flavor and a lovely texture. I use it to make homemade caramels in addition to using it whenever I want whipped cream. Warning, it has a short shelf life.