Favorites restaurants in the SFV?




To get this back on track: We went to JOEY at The Village Woodland Hills this past weekend. Decent food. In a weird unplanned twist, we were there for dinner and drinks on Friday night with a group, and then drinks and appetizers with another couple on Saturday night. Tried the curry dip with naan and papadum, which was ok, but we’re Indian and have high curry standards. Paella had a good amount of shrimp in it. Wish the portion was a little bigger though. Hubby got the Filet, which he liked. Drinks were good – generous pours.

Saturday night, we tried the tempura calamari (good, but small portion), the gyoza (ok, probably won’t order again), the tuna tacos (ended up ordering another plate of these) and the Korean cauliflower (way too sweet with a thick sauce – didn’t even finish this one). We sat in the indoor bar area on Saturday and the service was super slow. Our server seemed a bit out of it. Not sure if she was new or just didn’t give a shit.


ok back on track:

EMC Woodland Hills is amazing. That happy hour is 10/10.


We almost went there Saturday night but it was a 40 minute wait at 9:30pm and we were hungry. That’s how we ended up at JOEY again. Any EMC recommendations?

  • dollar fifty oysters
  • fries
  • crispy garlic brussels sprouts
  • salt pepper fried fish
  • spicy albacore crisps
  • albacore sashimi
  • salmon carpaccio
    – I would classify their raw fish offerings as satisfying and not serious.

off their regular menu

  • clam chowder was better than average
  • octopus carpaccio
  • shrimp garlic noodles are pretty good
  • I have not yet had it, but eyefucked the $29 lobster 1 table over which seemed reasonably priced for what you got.

The only losers for me thus far have been the fried clam strips, lemongrass mussels, and crab cake sliders.


Is this a happy hour deal?
Ever tried their poke?


yes, they’re almost $3/ea non-happy hour. I have not seen poke on the woodland hills menu.


My one time at Bill’s I was very disappointed. Pressed burgers, stale buns, hours old cut onions. I so wanted to love it. This was back when Hiroko was still Bill’s partner. She has since moved on. I appreciate that Bill is a tradition, but if you want a traditional outdoor burger stand the original Jack’s Classic on Riverside is better (or used to be - haven’t been in some time). Actually for a simple outdoor burger in the Valley Carney’s has a great Angus burger (okay - Angus isn’t that simple, but it isn’t gussied up - and its really good), and Fab’s actually has better burgers than dogs; and their dogs are really good. Both have tables outdoors - although not with stools like Bill’s.

Love Brent’s as well!


I really like the rotisserie chickens at Sprouts (I shop at the one in Granada Hills). We go to Ciceks for the filet skewers. I so appreciate the on-going SFV discussion - thanks everyone!


Anyone been to Commonwealth in Burbank?


Cicek’s Chicken round 3

That dinner special is out of control - 3 half chicken plates for the price of 2 (about $18 all in). Each half chicken plate comes with a a few pitas, a garlic sauce, 2 sides.

The caveat here is that the sides I’ve tried have been terrible. Sides includes hummus, some eggplant thing that’s not babaganoush, rice pilaf, cole slaw, beans, fries. the rice pilaf is actually pretty damn good because it soaks up the chicken fat/juice, kinda like a middle eastern chicken rice. but the hummus and egg plant thing were freaking awful - had a taste of each and threw the rest away. I guess I’ll try beans and rice next time…

Anyone been to Commonwealth in Burbank?

I can semi-vouch for their vietnamese sister restaurant Feu in Studio City, with the caveat that it’s a very sterilized vietnamese experience.


The homie G Sny with looks like another hole in the wall gem find.


+1 for Don Adrian. I have cut way back on gluten, so I haven’t been in years, but I loved their cemitas (and they offer plenty of choices).


sure is


Shave-It, Reseda

They have shave ice a la mode. And it is amazing. Best shave ice I’ve had in SoCal and for my tastebuds better than Matsumoto on the North Shore.


Never even heard of this place! Will have to check it out. We usually go to Get Shaved on Reseda. Started out as a truck, then went B&M a few years ago.


way better than Get Shaved IMO. Having said that, I only vouch for the pina colada and potential of Get-Shaved. The pina colada is one of those 10/10 desserts for me where I can’t ever see myself going here and not ordering it.


The Sizzler on Mason/Devonshire is now open and packed.


Malibu Chicken!


I wonder if they serve those scrumptious meatball tacos as they do at the Koreatown Sizzler visited by Anthony Bourdain?