Favorites restaurants in the SFV?


I have already verified the taco shells exist at this location via Yelp

They close hella early or else I’d be there tonight.


this is great news


Reporting back, no meatballs at the 11.99 lunch time salad bar. Chicken fajita tacos were better than they needed to be; guac surprisingly fresh.

Salad bar in general better than I remember it. Ate 6 pieces of bread between me and the wife.

Go now while they’re running a tight ship. Keep expectations in check though, it is sizzler…


LOL!! I just love this… I haven’t been to a Sizzler in probably 20 years. Thanks for the report.



I see a silhouette of @kevin 's left ear in that toast…


I keep giving San Carko deli a shot with mixed results.

I’ve made my peace with their Italian. While not exceptional, when the place isn’t packed they can bang it out in a few minutes and I’m out of there for < $10 with enough calories to get me through the day.

The meatball sub today was absolutely terrible as a sandwich. Meatballs themselves decent but everything fell out of the sandwich.

The red sauce Italian stuff is typical red sauce Italian, meaning covered in red sauce and cooked until soft.

At least the panzerotti has been consistent…


Do you mean San Carlo?

If so, I pretty much feel the eggplant entree is the way to go.

They slice it really thin with several layers.

Photo doesn’t do it justice:


Gotta admit. I’ve never had eggplant in that style of prep before


ok guys, I think I have discovered the magic of Got Sushi x King’s Burgers

There is a certain satisfaction in eating a bacon cheeseburger with one hand (very good btw, tons of bacon) while holding chopsticks in the other hand and eating mixed veggie tempura (also very good). Chased down with some blue crab hand rolls (nori needs work, but there was tons of commodity blue crab meat).

Service leaves a lot to be desired, however.


All that’s missing is the donuts.


What I like at Brent’s is their incredible Cabbage soup. Whenever the weather turns a little chilly, I head to Brent’s for their Cabbage soup and rye bread. IMO it’s a great lunch, and also cheap


Anyone been to Song Phat lately? Recent yelp reviews are terrifying.


that’s the ticket.


Yes. Yes it is.

Btw these blue crab hand rolls are terrible. I don’t vouch for them at all. They’re the sticks and seeds of blue crab hand rolls. But if you’ve ever been in a position to be smoking sticks and seeds, you understand why we ate 3 of these today (i.e. Desperation and accessibility)


I like the black cod hand roll though.


Biryani Hut, a 4.5* on Yelp in Canoga Park, has closed. To be replaced by some South Indian concept, possibly by the same operators.


That place has changed names a couple times already… not sure why they keep doing that.


i understand that chinese places do that to get out from under accrued tax liability


Triple bang in the valley today:

At Topanga/Saticoy strip mall

  • El Taco Llama
    A valley mini chain, my go-to here are the hard shell tacos with al pastor. The finest Mexican American gringo taco you can imagine. For $2.

  • New York Chicken & Gryo
    A new addition to the valley. Story is they had a push truck in NY and moved over here and are trying to make a go of it. I’ve had the mix plate on rice, fish on rice, lamb Gryo, and wings. I will vouch for everything but the wings; it is excellent for what it is, meaning ny street Cart style food (with NY street prices). Extremely high QPR.

Then over to Bon Bon for milk tea and taro pudding. Is there a better boba joint in the valley?