Favorites restaurants in the SFV?


El Taco Llama. I can’t quit these.


Jack won’t be happy with this trend…


Back at Salsa & Beer in Noho – first time in quite a while. Had the usual:

Carne Asada plate with Shrimp

**Crispy Carnitas**

All this food plus two margaritas, bottomless bean dip and chips, and soda with refills for under $45.


I tried it to go at 9pm on Father’s Day and the line was still a mile long.


Yeah, that place can be insane. Friday at 12:45, 8 cars stopped on the street waiting just to get in the lot. We had to park down the street. But despite being mobbed, we had a 30 minute wait for a party of two.


How does the bar look at lunch? Can a solo diner get in fairly easy?

I’ve never tried stopping by during lunchtime.


This is the first time I have been there during lunch hour, during the week. The bar was pretty busy but it didn’t take more than a couple minutes for two people to leave and I did see some others leave the bar to get seated. It’s may be worth a shot.


so I am cutting out carbs.

One of the things I’ve been doing at Tacomiendo in WLA is getting meat a la carte. $6 for a pile of meat. So I usually get a double order.

Well today I decided to see if Salsa & Beer did that too. Why, yes they do.

For $17 something including tax, I got 2 orders asada and 2 carnitas to split with my GF.

It probably was a pound and a half total.

I think NoHo location is far superior in meat taste, but it was damn good and quite the bargain.



Fucking genius. I can pick that up on my way home from work.

Will they sell me half a dozen of their flour tortillas, some salsa, and maybe cilantro/onion mix? Lol


LOL, They probably would just give them to you if you asked.

They actually gave us a small (prob 5oz?) Bean dip and a to/go bag for the 30 salsas we took. The chile de arbol salsa is drinkable and unavailable at the NoHo.

Yeah, gonna do this again!


This is a game changer.


Tacomiendo is a great place to do this too, because you can still partake of the free cauldron of beans :slight_smile:


And fresh flour tortillas made in-house. You, sir, are a genius.


The location on Gateway, was closed because of a roach infestation. But they have plenty of other problems with their latest health inspection. Not sure if they’ve reopened yet.


Posted this in the Breakfast Burrito thread, but thought I’d share it here also for those people looking for SFV food.


Yikes! They’re back open but have a C. I like to say, “B is for burritos,” but I draw the line at a C.


Just an FYI that Tampa Garden has been sold! I called earlier to place a to-go order and was told they are new owners. I told them I’d call back, but then I looked up the Yelp reviews and decided not to order.


Damn, that sucks! They were the only Chinese restaurant in the SFV that I liked. And grandma was a gem!


thanks for the heads up…


On a related note, Song Phat definitely not owned by the same people anymore. The homie that used to work there is clearly no longer there, as evidenced by the lack of crowds on Tuesday during peak dinner (he used to pack that place with his friends).