Favorites restaurants in the SFV?


Had no idea this place existed – will have to check it out! I usually make halal style chicken and rice at home!


Get Shaved at Tampa/Victory is no more, replaced by some bougie juice shop.


Pho Saigon 1 on Devonshire has taken over Bale and Song Phat’s spot as my go-to vietnamese joint. Better quality beef stew than Bale, chicken just as good, and excellent curry to boot.


Had Les Sisters twice in the last few weeks, once as takeout and last weekend as eat-in. Food quality was better than I remembered. Seemed like they worked on putting out more consistent food.

For takeout, we had the smothered pork chop, collard greens, chicken jambalaya, catfish and hush puppies and mac and cheese. What I like about their takeout is that they offer smaller (cheaper) take out portions. Their normal portions are very generous, so the takeout portions are the perfect size for 1 meal.

For eat-in last week, I have to give kudos to our server. There were 2 servers. One was not very good – he told us he was cleaning up a table for us, and then stopped in the middle of doing so to disappear to the back. Took another 10 minutes for him to come back and finish setting up the table for us. Then I had to flag him down to take our drink order, which he never brought to us, nor did he come back to take our order. I finally flagged down the second server, and told him what was going on, and he apologized profusely and took over waiting on our table. As an apology for the wait, he brought us an order of hush puppies on the house.

I decided to try their Cajun fried chicken with collards (my favorite side here) and yams. My son ordered the same chicken with mac and cheese and baked beans, and my daughter got the kids chicken tenders with mac and cheese. The fried chicken was much better than the last time I had it. Crispy exterior without a thick coating, and the chicken was still juicy. The Cajun seasoning had a nice kick to it (although my son got a wing that was a little too heavy on the seasoning!). Had plenty of food to take home for lunch the next day. Caveat – they charge for takeout containers!


I gotta find this takeout menu - I like Les Sister’s for lunch but I’m always disappointed at how expensive dinner is relative to the quantity/quality of food.


They are just inside the front door, on the left.Or if you call in your order, tell them you want the takeout size.


Brent’s Deli for Gr8pimpin’s Low Carb Delight


The Carb’s Not Taken

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Gr8pimpin’s Low Carb plato at Las Fuentes*

This photo is of two taco portions of Asada, and two taco portions of carnitas, with a side of grilled jalapeños. $17.02 including drink and tax.

*plating not included — I had to combine the 3 separate plates of meat and jalapeños and dress it up at the salsa bar.


Gr8pimpin’s Low Carb plato at Salsa & Beer

So I posted about getting just a la carte meat for us low carbers. I posted about Salsa & Beer Van Nuys (lake balboa) Tacomiendo et al.

This was the best one yet, though Tacomiendo has kettle o beans and pickled whole jalapeños for a vegetable side dish.

Today I did the NoHo location. I was starving, and expected it to be more like the other S & B location. But this NoHo location, they were much more generous. Wow they piled it up. I got two orders of Asada, and two orders of Carnitas. They served each order on a separate plate so I combined them into two piles of each.

This is two $4.99 sides of Asada, smokey flavorful goodness!!

And two $4.99 sides of carnitas, some crispy some soft, deliciously moist.


Too much for one starvingly hungry, big man. Next time I only get 2 asada and 1 carnitas LOL!


how many tortillas did they give you?


I didn’t get any. I don’t know if they just don’t give them to you when you order sides of meat, or if it was because I told the server I can’t have any carbs.


Yes, once again pimping Salsa & Beer, NoHo again for my lo-Carb meat sweat special!

2 asada and 1 carnitas, $14.98

This time after serving me the platter, the server asked me if I wanted tortillas. So now I know they’ll give em to you if you want. ( then again I don’t know if she would’ve charged me)


why must you do this to me.


Because I’m bored.


A good reason for a great many things…


I ordered some Salsa & Beer via Post Mates the other night, it was glorious.


i have to be near roscoe & tampa tomorrow at 11am so i was thinking shamshiri for lunch. why is the in house service iffy?


It’s iffy in the sense that they aren’t horribly welcoming, slow to take orders, bring drinks, take forever to bring the check etc. We’ve been going there for years and its hit or miss service wise. We usually do takeout after a couple annoying eat-in occasions. We aren’t picky, but we dont like to have to ask for for utensils muliple times, or drink refills when they see our glasses empty and ignore them. It’s easier just to do takeout.

If service is important to you, or you’re on a time limit, take that into consideration.