Favorites restaurants in the SFV?


i asked for a seat near the register next to the table where all the staff sat. plus i told them persian food was new to me and i was there to learn. i had multiple staff members come by to ask if i enjoyed my meal (i ordered the beef koobideh lunch special which i enjoyed).


looks better than what I got at Dizin Persian Cuisine (don’t trust yelp).


Nice! Like I said, it’s hit or miss there. Sometimes, the service is good and other times, not so much. I just like to warn people. :wink: Glad your experience was good!


late timing, but i have to be back in northridge around lunch time. i’m thinking baja sub(s) or red chili.

if there’s nothing but the curry lunch special at baja, should i skip it and just get the malu paan or go to red chili?


I haven’t been to Baja Subs in ages. I’m not a fan of Red Chilli at all. I’m not much help on those two. :laughing:

There’s a new place on Tampa called Samrath. It’s where the old Tampa Garden was. Supposed to have very good Indian food. I have several friends and family who tried it and all said it’s good.


i stopped in at baja subs and they had biryani (probably leftover, but leftover biryani is probably as good as leftover pasta) along with a pineapple-chutney-ish condiment which was quite tasty.

the person behind the counter took one look at me and stated: “you want the sri lankan menu.” and went in back to get one of the brothers who came out and told me besides the rice/curry lunch special, they had chicken biryani. i jumped all over that and also decided to try a few of the pastries including the malu paan (they kinda lit up when they saw i knew what it was and had managed to pronounce it properly).

the biryani

was made with chicken, fruit, nuts and a fried hard cooked egg. this plate will serve two easily.

and it came out with this kind of a pineapple chutney

but before that i tried a few of the pastries

which came out with this bottled sauce as a condiment:



Great breakfast sandwich, made with Serrano ham, fluffy eggs, and brava sauce (sort of a spicy ketchup), all on a lightly toasted Brioche bun. Good stuff. As is the shrimp scramble. Like something out of an old-school Canto restaurant. Again, good stuff.


Gasolina is great, but their seating sucks. Wish they’d move into a bigger place.


Ive been trying the Indo Chinese food at Samrath and it’s reasonably good. Has anybody tried Coconut Box yet?


nope, but Oi next door remains one of my favorite restaurants in the SFV.


The menu looks interesting. What do you recommend?


chicken longanisa, pork belly adobo (but for my tastebuds not the version with umami gravy, just the regular pork adobo), and crawfish dynamite if you want something guilty.


Not Coconut Lunch Box, but if you’re in the area (Canoga Ave between Sherman Way and Saticoy), I would highly recommend stopping off at Baba Sweets.


it’s our regular Sunday morning breakfast, After having his chole bature, it’s hard going back to India Sweets and Spices.


We are at Baba’s all the time, but we usually do take out. He makes great traditional punjabi food. Try his makki di roti and saag one weekend (cornflour griddle bread and slow cooked greens). He was the cook at our temple for many years, and his saag was always everyone’s favorite.