Favorites restaurants in the SFV?


Lola’s is only a few blocks away. Its not elegant, but the chicken is very good.


Awesome place!!! Forgot all about it, though I haven’t been there in a long while. Lola’s was really good.


pardon me for not looking it up myself, but is lola’s
the joint that’s right near don adrian’s cemitas?

because that place is darn good.


That’s the one! It’s catty-corner to Don Adrian’s. Two good ethnic dives on one intersection.


Thanks for the review.

Is there also some Italian deli on Devonshire btw North Hills and Northridge? My vague recollection is that there’s a deli or sausage factory on Reseda or Nordhoff that also gets good reviews…


Hmmm… I see a Don Adrian/Lola’s “bang bang” in my future!


There’s Italia Deli on Balboa and San Fernando Mission, in Granada Hills, and there’s San Carlos Deli on Devonshire and Mason, in Chatsworth.

Brent’s Deli is on Parthenia and Corbin – is that the one you’re referring to?


Sucks to hear that your food at Takatis sucked! I haven’t eaten there for at least a couple of months and have only ordered the Pollo a la Brassa along with various sides and both house made beverages and everything, especially the pollo was fantastic! Usually get a whole pollo, devour all the dark meat while there and take the white meat home for sandwiches. Their pollo has always been fresh, juicy and had great flavor! I sure hope that your bad experience was an anomaly.


Yeah I recollect rave reviews on the other board when they first opened. Was quite stunned at how disappointing it was, maybe a bad day… Will probably check out Lola’s next.


Italia Deli would seem to be in the right geographic area. :slight_smile: Have you been? Colleagues (well, I guess only one) tell me it’s quite good, but I haven’t been myself.

I think the sausage factory is on Parethenia near the 405 (I don’t know why I was thinking Reseda, esp those streets are perpendicular… Argh).


I work in that area and am not familiar with any sausage factory. There is the Van Nuys German Deli on Roscoe and Woodley – could you be thinking of that? but I don’t believe they make meat products in house.


Yes, I think that’s it! Oy. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to specific area. :wink:

They apparently do sell sandwiches, so it might make a decent and inexpensive lunch option…


Its just okay. I was pretty excited to try it, but found it underwhelming. Fabs Hot Dogs has better bratwurst and weisswurst, let alone its kielbasa, dogs, burgers and fries.


Italia deli was a favorite when I was going to CSUN and living in Granada hills. It’s been years since I’ve had a sandwich there but at the time I thought it compared favorably to the godmother.


I have to head out to the west valley every two months or so. I usually try to make a lunch at Go’s Mart a part of my trips. However, my last drive was out on a Monday and Go’s Mart is closed. A bit of research led me to Las Fuentes in Reseda. Aside from the challenging parking situation, it was pretty decent combo plate-style Mexican food. Extensive salsa options. Service was super kind and helpful. I would most certainly return if I was in the area.


What’s underneath the guac?


Failed to mention that those were taquitos on the plate. There was a choice of either beef or chicken, but the cashier suggested that I try one of each. Very good. Not Ciro’s level, but I would most certainly eat this again is I was in the area.


I’ve tried two new places in Granada Hills in the last month: Breadology Bakery and El Incomparable Peruvian.

We’ve been twice to Breadlogy (http://breadologie.com/?v=7516fd43adaa) on Chatsworth at Encino. The pastries, with several varieties of croissants, are good for this part of the city. They aren’t super traditional croissants, but they said that they are scratched baked all during the day (we saw them refilling the case) and they hold up for several days, perhaps because they are baked with a harder shell than one would get in Europe. We have not bought any of the breads yet, but they look quite good and we will sometime in the near future along with trying their sandwiches. This is a welcome addition to the area for us.

As for our visit to El Incomparable (Balboa and Chatsworth), the most positive we could be is “at least we tried it”. I ordered a garlic and herbs (Sorry, I forgot the exact name) chicken breast. It was so overcooked that it could not be cut without the plate sliding around on the table and the extremely dry meat was topped with blackened bits of herbs. On the contrary, the “crispy” potatoes aka fries, were barely cooked. There was no crisp on the outside with barely softened inside. These potatoes also acted as the base of the Lomo saltado. The beef topping was tough and served with a sauce where the predominant flavor was soy sauce. On the positive side, we ate less carbs (and we love them) as it was easy to leave the stale bread and potatoes as described. It would have been nice for this to be good as close to home options are always welcome.


Nice to hear about breadology, I’ve been looking for a place with at least a passable burger bun option. We had been resorting to hitting up in and out for some fresh buns and a couple packets of spread bc the options out here are THAT bad. Shame to hear about El Incomparable, I was holding out a little bit of hope for that. Thanks for sharing.


I tried the Breadology croissants about a month ago when my coworker brought them in to work one morning. They are good, but harder and more dense than what I like for my croissants. I just tried the regular one, not the flavored ones. She also brought in the chocolate and orange flavors but I like my croissants simple.