Favorites restaurants in the SFV?


I’ve never seen burger buns there – sorry. They have some pull apart rolls that could suffice if the burger is on the small side - we seem to do a lot of improvising as the options out here are this bad!


Have you tried House of Bread on Mason and Devonshire? Although they won’t have the In N Out type of bun, if that’s what you’re looking for…


I have never tried them as I make my own, http://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/beautiful-burger-buns-recipe, but Whole Foods carries brioche burger buns that look quite good.


Perfect timing as I was just about to ask if anyone knew a place to buy brioche burger buns! Are these in the fresh baked section or with the packaged breads?


Have not but apparently the wife has, will check them out as it doesn’t really look like breadology has a proper burger bun option…yet. Thanks.


Whole Foods in Porter Ranch(I’m in Granada Hills) is mainly garbage. Not a huge fan of brioche for my burgers either. Normally that would work though.


They were in a rack by the entrance in the Sherman Oaks store. Prepackaged, but not with the bread. I believe they had hot dog buns as well.


Moving to Chatsworth so any other recs in the Chatsworth/Northridge area would be dandy.

My addition for this thread that I have not seen is Johnny Pacific’s in Winnetka for crazy good empanadas.


i am…saddened. no more disagreements on east valley food joints.


I still work in Burbank so don’t worry; I look forward to our continued asinine disagreements :wink:

My latest East Valley find is Lou the French on the Block in Toluca Lake. Not everything is stellar but when they knock it out of the park, they really knock it out of the park (baguettes, turkey sandwich, and tarts are particularly good).

Their hours are perfect for you too - 8a - 430p.


man it’s hard staying up that late.


Yes, Johnny Pacific’s is good!

Los Toros on Devonshire is good homestyle Mexican food. It gets pretty busy on the weekends when they have live music.
Les Sisters on Devonshire for southern food. It’s decent, but not wow. I like the jalapeno hush puppies and the smothered pork chops. The collard greens are great.
Katsu-ya on Reseda/Lassen. Much better than the Woodland Hills location.
Another vote for San Carlo Deli.
Hikari Sushi on Denvonshire/Mason. I know a lot of people like this place, but I prefer Katsu-ya.
House of Shish Kabob on Devonshire/Mason is good for middle eastern/persian food.
Olympia and Ali Baba in Granada Hills also have good persian food. Shamshiri on Tampa/Roscoe is good for takeout, but the in-house service is iffy.
Stone Fire Grill by the Chatsworth Pacific Theaters has good BBQ and salads. I love their humongous slice of cheesecake.:blush:
Woodlands for good South Indian food. I’m not a fan of indian buffets, but theirs is good, if you go that route over a la carte options.


I’m 1.3 miles away from San Carlo Deli - this is great news.


Ninong’s Pastries & Cafe

17705 Chatsworth St
Granada Hills, CA 91344
(818) 368-7276



Just saw this
Nice shots
Glad you liked
Tacu tacu is a righteous plate of food.


Me too
Big Fan


Just remembered that Joe’s Cafe in Granada Hills just opened up their larger location. It’s just a couple doors down from their old location, at Chatsworth east of Zelzah.

Mediterranean Bistro at the Porter Ranch Town Center has good Armenian style meat and rice dishes. They have live music on the weekends too.

There’s decent options at The Village too.

There’s also Gasolina Cafe in Woodland Hills – nice for lunch.


Thanks for the reminder, need to make another trip there soon,.


Did anyone say “chilli?”

I think the third dish is chicken. What are the first two?


CB and PB: what are your favs to order there? We made it out there for a Sunday lunch a while back and were slightly let down. It could have been what we ordered and maybe it was slack tide at the restaurant. I want to give it another try. Thanks