Favorites restaurants in the SFV?


Right, that was chongqing chicken, the other two were pig intestines and fish with red. Always remember to cook the shit out of your intestines.


“Always remember to cook the shit out of your intestines.”

I think this food will do exactly that to mine… :fearful:


Reminds me of this bit from Stephen Chow’s “God of Cookery”:


Hilariously relatable to devoted eaters…


Takatis is unbelievably good.


I’ve watched God of Cookery more times than I care to admit.

OK, OK… about a dozen times, and counting. Seriously funny movie. I still Pavlov at the scene with the simple bowl of rice, topped with char siu, fried runny egg, and a touch of greens. The perfect one bowl meal for a simple peasant at heart.


The core lesson: Food doesn’t have to be gourmet to approach the divine.



Snipping new Chase Sapphire Reserve.


AmEx Platinum (or above) is still >> Chase Sapphire


If you already hold the AMEX Plat, bennies are equal. To add the Chase Sapphire RESERVE (new, not the old PREFERRED) to your stable, worth considering.

The sign up boner (100k) on the CSR is well worth. The $450 annual may seem daunting initially.

You get a $300 travel credit against the annual fee per calendar year. So, you get $600 against your $450 fee the first actual year. I’m not a shill, just a cheap ass. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah… $100 credit against your TSA or Global Entry app, which you assuredly already have.

Other benefits are equi to AE Plat.


All good points.

I enjoy the AmEx concierge (booked us some tough tables in the past), resort upgrades, free companion business tickets. Hell, the resort upgrades alone are worth well over $3K in value for us yearly.

… and your very own toll free # if the Centurion Card is in the stable.


Ninong’s ube pancakes with coconut syrup rock!


Yup!! I also like to grab a box of their ube chunk cookies, too!


So far, my favorite ice cream place in the valley:

I hearby dub thee the Quenelle of West Valley. :+1::+1:

Some others (Vulcan = jury is still out):

Pollo a la Brasa and Roll: :+1:

Les Sisters: :+1:

Uncle Ernie’s Pizza 4 U: :-1:
Oi Asian Fusion: :+1:
Owls: :vulcan:
Mo’s Ramen: :vulcan:

King’s Burger/Got Sushi: :+1: for Got Sushi


Brent’s last night!


Good places for cocktails in West Valley? Looking for better than average old fashions @ ~$10/drink.


Why not make it yourself? http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2008/06/traditional-old-fashioned-recipe.html
I increase the bitters and lighten the sugar a bit - and I omit the orange peel or slice - I am a big bitters fan. I use rye, not bourbon. Both my daughter and my niece love it. My wife drinks nothing but oaky, buttery Chardonnays. She is not a fan.


Because then I’d still have to drink it at home.


Song Phat: :+1::+1:


Oi Asian Fusion: :+1::+1:

Tapsilog bowl. Pork adobo bowl not pictured. SFV is proving to have excellent Filipino, Vietnamese, and Thai options.