Favorites restaurants in the SFV?


My wife used to work around Northridge for a while. She’d bring Pani Puri home from here and it held up pretty well after a 45-60 minute drive.


yes they were stale. like, old oil stale. So stale I couldn’t even break a few of the puris. And yeah I got it to go because I was on the 3rd leg of a bang^3! lol

Had no idea about the halo halo place across the street. I usually find halo halo too sweet, but I’m always up to try another place!

Isn’t “sugar” the first ingredient in halo halo? But yeah, Nipa Hut was very sweet, needed black coffee to cut it.


Hey NS1, what is the game hen called? Is that “CHARBROILED CHICKEN IN OYSTER SAUCE W/ RICE” or COM GA NUONG DAU HAO in Vietnamese? Sorry for the caps - cut paste from online menu.

Cheers in advance.

This place looks great!


It’s #53 on the menu. The vietnamese does not match the english translation. That cornish game hen is so good we ordered it again last night; I don’t even want to eat my El Pollo Unico leftovers.


Mother India. Chatsworth.

Guys - a crime was committed against me today. I ordered pani puri to go off the Mumbai street snacks section of the menu.

Keep in mind that picture of pani puri above.

This is what I got. To-go.

The liquid tamarind sauce completely obliterated the puri along with whatever the hell other liquid substances they put in there. The shells were sad. Just straight up sad.

Possibly forgivable if the taste was good, but fuck all I could taste was sugar. Am I eating dessert or what? I ate 2 and threw 4 away.

Triple thumbs down.


Damn you @Ns1

All this talk and pics I am going have to hit up Nha Hang 1.99 for the Cornish hen and steak&eggs tomorrow


I only went once about a decade or so ago (I think), but this was my impression. I enjoyed it, but I haven’t had a strong urge to return.

And I thought it was vegan?


is this the OG one on edinger? Didn’t that one close down?

and uh…steak and eggs? need pics (and updated prices).


I think this Nha Hang place has had to increase prices? Looks like Cornish is %5.75 now :

Still not bad; I was wondering how something like that could possibly be $1.99 haha


A) I don’t know anyone (meaning Indian friends and family) who eats at Mother India.
B) Pani Puri is not a to-go friendly food IMO. You have to eat it on the spot.


I got lazy and paid the price tremendously. Should’ve just gone for the Cornish game hen, again.

Samosa House, Bhanu, and Surati Fursan Mart can package pani puri Togo no problem.

Man after blasting the quality of the Los Feliz ISS pani puri, they are so far the best one I have found close to the 818 area code.


That really is a crime


Surati Farsan Mart has the best to-go packaging out of any Indian (and even non-Indian) places I’ve gotten take out from. They put a lot of care into their presentation (which is why they are also slightly more expensive than the other snack places in Little India).

You know you could just make pani puri at home. It’s super easy – we do it for parties sometimes as an appetizer. You can buy the shells at any indian grocery store already prepackaged. MDH makes Pani seasoning, which you just mix with water and add your own chopped cilantro, etc. Boil and cube a potato, rinse a can of garbanzo beans, chop up some onion, and assemble. You can even buy your mint and tamarind chutney premade at the Indian store (the refrigerated and frozen ones are better than the bottled ones), or you can make your own very easily.

If you are a little adventurous, add some vodka or tequila to the pani. :wink:


I might have to do this. Just doing it myself worked out well for beef ribs, hopefully it’ll work out well here.


I’m not a pani puri fiend, but I do like a nice spicy bhelpuri. I like the version at the Topanga India Sweets and Spices, but I also buy the Haldiram Bhelpuri kit to make my own at home. Comes with the chutney mix – you just add your potatoes, onion, chopped green chillies, etc, mix and eat. Takes about 10 minutes to assemble and tastes even better as a midnight snack while DH and I are watching a movie.


maybe I’ll use this opportunity to learn how to make masala peanuts cashews as well.


Guys, i went through most of this page now and I don’t think I found any higher end places. We need a couple west of the 405 in the more advanced cookery range since we have built in babysitters there. Any intel?


Go’s Mart, Sushi Iki, Sushi Tanaka, Shibuya are the only $$$ / $$$$ places I have bookmarked within 8 miles of my current SFV location. Guess I shouldn’t be so surprised they’re all sushi places…

if you don’t like sushi sorry can’t help you haha. time to go over the hill.


that old scam about feeding you tiny telapia slices for 18$ that they dont have to even cook? yea i’m over sushi unless it’s Ike once a year.


I’ve not been myself, but a co-worker once mentioned Brandywine in Woodland Hills. Decor in photos looks… tired.

Saddle Peak Lodge (if you consider that SFV)?

I think @CiaoBob had also posted a quick review of a recent dinner at Scratch Bar.