February 2018 Weekend Rundown


Bacon & egg breakfast burrito at Phanny’s in Redondo Beach:

Chicken, biscuits, collard greens, and garlic mashed potatoes at Honeybird in La Cañada:


Happy National Pizza Day! This margherita comes to us from Cosa Buona (Echo Park)…


Hi @J_L,

Looks nice. How’d it compare with your other favorite margheritas? :slight_smile:


Tiki Ti


How was Honeybird?


Every time I pass by there is always a line!! I gotta make out to there one day, hopefully rub elbows with Bill Murray

Which drink did you get?


Mai Tai, Ray’s Mistake, Scorpion. Then on to Dresden for dinner and another rum cocktail :scream:. No line at 5:30.


Delicious. Especially the chicken and the biscuits (that butter!). We go monthly after birding up in the mountains and the food is consistently good, imo.


Five Guys and Sea Harbour…



Got the, hummus, foie gras, crab, celery root, suckling pig, chicken, and milk & honey… Meh(which is actually great compared to the horrendous current version of EMP)

Lobby IMO is better

The chicken was good, but everything else was mediocre. The lobby and even the food truck’s milk & honey are better IMO


Like, waaaay better.
Mezzanine at NoMad was truly disappointing.


I’m pretty sure I tried the hot link and felt that I should’ve just gotten a second regular corn dog.


Fresh grapefruit juice and ketchup with a little Tapatio


Ketchup fried rice with ham and peas, and omelette with demi glacé every Japanese kid favorite dish. I added ketchup as well.

Very homey. Presentation wise would prefer the egg to blanket over the rice. Didn’t get the pancakes here but man they looked good. Unfortunately the chashu potatoes didn’t work for me, I found them inedible tbh.


Griffith Park Hike!



Snow crab from Japan at Mitsuwa Costa Mesa :heart_eyes:

They had a fair so I had to grab something. Got a ika korokke, damn tasty.



lunch before flying home for the eagles parade



Ribs for the boy’s birthday.


Lucilles, Culver City. It’s a festive sort of place.


That is so cool!! Did you eat anything there?


Royal boucherie
Pizzeria vetri
The love
Reports to follow


Dude no way, you spent time in Philly too?!