February 2018 Weekend Rundown


Please tell me you got a roast pork broccoli rabe sandwich!!!


waited my whole life, wouldn’t have missed it.


Snuck out of the house and took SEPTA to witness Villanova on its way to winning the whole thing in '85.


I will never, ever admit how many times I read this, and stared at the photo, before realizing these three things were not all combined into a puzzling concoction (and for the life of me, I couldn’t decide if the ketchup/Tapatio went into the grapefruit juice, or a bit of the grapefruit juice was added to the ketchup/Tapatio mixture to thin it).

Obviously I’m short on sleep.


No, it’s not just you! At first, I was like, “What sort of badassery is this when someone combines a citrus drink + tapatio + ketchup???” Esp b/c @JeetKuneBao goes off the beaten track for food.

But, b/c I am impatient, I scrolled down and then was relieved.


Yes! I was thinking it was some sort of DIY fancy mixed drink - wasn’t too sure of the taste, though.


Now if a Modelo was in the mix, well…


Pretty good Hainan chicken from Taishi Hainan Chicken in Torrance.