February 2018 Weekend Rundown


Whoops. Duly noted. I am no cartographer.

I tried to get my friends to eat here for lunch today but I got out voted. Going to capital for dim sum instead. Not thrilled.


I hear you. I’m a real estate appraiser, so maps are kind of a daily thing for me.




Finally tried Galaxy Taco in San Diego (I know, I know… but that board is kind of dead.) Thought it was good for the most part. Loved the blue corn tortillas. Least favorites were the chicken taco (way too salty) and the potato taco (really bland).

Chips & guacamole:

Queso fundido with charred shishitos and chorizo:

Grilled octopus tostada with bean purée, avocado, tomato, burnt orange-habanero salsa:

Baja fried fish taco with chile lime crema, avocado, cabbage, pico de gallo:

Chicken taco with almond mole, crema, cotija, onion, cilantro:

Mushroom taco with spicy tomato sauce, crispy jack cheese, salsa verde, queso fresco, hoja santa:

Potato taco with habanero salsa verde, kale, avocado, cilantro:

Grilled avocado taco with bean purée, creamy corn salad, lime:

Azteca steak taco with guacamole, beans, nopales, pico de gallo, salsa ranchera:


Who won the hole foods provider contest?


sidecar is definitely the number 1 hole, the A hole if you will. the cronuts are way too sweet for me.


Super happy that Gus’s Fried Chicken opened up a location in Long Beach. Ever since Flossie’s in Torrance closed, I think we’ve been sorely lacking good fried chicken in the South Bay. So Long Beach is close enough! Plus I love their mac & cheese. So creamy and buttery.



Choe Gang Jip

Lots of pork here! In soup form or the foot of the pig in a Spicy! sauce with a hint of clove

My nose got a little runny eating this. I love Pigs Foot! While I enjoyed the flavor I wish there was more breakdown of texture. Speaking of Pigs Foot you haven’t had it unless you had Pigs Foot Braised in Vinegar for postpartum mothers, it’s the best Chinese dish you probably never had.

You eat your curry with rice, well if you are going to eat the spicy Pigs Foot you should get a side of these DIY Rice Balls. These were fun to make and a joy to eat. I suck at forming the balls. I am much better with sticky rice and papaya salad!

It’s at the Alexandria Plaza aka madhouse on the weekends. While I wish the Pigs Foot was more tender I’ll come back or maybe my timing was off as I came in late after this concert…


Here’s a unexpected gem I ran into!

While espresso-based drinks are all the rage now amongst the young KTown crowd I honestly rather have this…

Korean Punch. (Cold)

Very cinnamonny with some ginger! Also had some persimmon and pine nuts. This was both refreshing and warm at the same time. I love it! The atmosphere is quite and relaxed which I like because I can’t stand 99% of music out now. That’s another story.

Ta-Eem Grill

Speaking of shitty music this place plays a lot of that trap crap rap. And when did Melrose become so filled with these street wear dorks? Spill over from Fairfax? What happen to the vintage shops and beautiful women? Good thing I like the food and the owner! And Gal Gadot was next to me, in picture form not human.

This may very be the best schwarma I ever had. While this was tasty I kinda regret not getting the chicken thighs with onions/garlic. The tomato-cucumber had a nice touch of acid. Oh the hummus is really really ridiculously good. Did I detect a hint of garlic in that hummus?

I like the Cabbage Slaw the best. I want it on the rare chance when I eat fried chicken or on 7/4.

That is some good falafel. The crust kinda taste like a corn dog batter (a very beautiful thing I might add). Like #2 for me. Me likey Kareem’s a bit more.

Some good pita. Warm and fluffy. That green sauce kinda taste like a nam prik noom!


Is the black stuff seaweed?


Yes indeed


Hi @JeetKuneBao,

So glad you liked Ta-Eem! :slight_smile: Definitely give their Chicken Pargiot a try next time, the dark meat is juicy, moist and goes well with their amazing Pitas and the 2 sauces you had. And yes! That Cabbage Slaw is so good, right? :slight_smile:


Agree; but word to the wise, get it as a plate. It’s so juicy that it can’t hold together in a pita sandwich; it falls apart.


also there are a TON of leftovers when you order a plate (portions are huge) vs sandwich—I usually get 3 meals out of my pargiot or schwarma plate.


Searching for decently priced, relatively high-quality used furniture has been my obsession for the past few wks (I have to furnish an office and don’t want to bankrupt myself). Fortunately, it’s taken me to some parts of LA I don’t get to much. :slight_smile:

Finally got to try Spring (which I think @ipsedixit had recommended once for dinner?). Brunch was quite delicious. Fantastic french toast. Not sure what they add to the whipped cream, but I was virtually licking the plate clean. Had the lobster benedict. The English muffin was thin and relatively crisp (which I much prefer to the thick and overly chewy stuff you often get). I could’ve used more lobster for the $$$, but at least what was there was perfectly cooked, and there was lobster flavor permeating all of the dish. Partner’s salad was nicely dressed w/ a vinegrette that thankfully wasn’t too sour. Nice space. Chairs aren’t the most comfortable. Would readily eat here again.