February 2019 Weekend Rundown


Really??? Now I really have to try Sichuan Impression b/c, while I enjoy Northern Cafe, the latter is more of to-go, super quick weeknight dinner type for me.


Tai Ping Sha Choi Kee

No American name yet I think. They are from Guangzhou and specializes in beef brisket and beef offal.

Located in Hong Kong plaza in Rowland

Menu has a range of typical Canto comforts…

But really you want the beef

Beef Brisket Noodles with Ho Fun Noodles
The brisket is very good and tender. The noodles have a great slurp factor. The broth is okay not the star. The tableside chili sauce taste like sacha but more spicy.

Beef Offal Rice Plate.
Wanted to also try the offal and like the brisket it is also well cooked.

Nice addition to this plaza. As I also like Yi Mei and Stinky Tofu King down in the alley.

Came here on a whim because I couldn’t find parking at Frank and Son Collectibles So I said F It let’s eat some Chinese food!!

@beefnoguy what do you think?


These are from San Diego. Sorry.

Spicy octopus tacos from the Mariscos El Pescador truck in Chula Vista. I’ve mentioned that I’ve been looking for an octopus taco like this in LA to no avail, and even checked out many of your recommendations, but nothing here comes close to this perfection, imo. These tacos chased with a cup of their seafood consomé are just fing heaven to me.

Extraordinary Desserts.
After having dinner at Ironside, we decided to have dessert here due to hearing so much about it. Everything we ordered was tasty, but nothing mind blowing. They were also pretty to look at, I guess. They really like their edible flowers… I just would not be able to eat their cakes more than a couple of times a year because they are way too sweet for me. I’m one of those weirdos who doesn’t enjoy desserts that are too sweet. Also, I’m generally not one to complain about the price of things because I realize you get what you pay for more often than not, but I just can’t justify paying $10.50 per slice of cake here when I can get a slice that’s ten times more delicious (and I think is made of better quality ingredients) at a place like Proof for around $6.50. This just feels like one of those places that caters to Instagram and the Real Housewives types, but what the hell do I know… it was packed and everyone else seems to love it.

Viking - chocolate crème brulee and milk chocolate crémeux, chocolate cake layers, crushed chocolate and almond pralines.

Ivoire Royal - vanilla bean soaked pound cake, white chocolate mousse, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, whipped cream, white chocolate shavings.

Lemon Meringue Bar.


@thechez5 have they cut down their usage of edible gold leaf? They used to be pretty heavy handed with that, too. My husband loves their pavlova and our kids enjoy their ice cream.


I suppose for Rowland Heights that already quite decent for Canto simple comfort food.

The chu hau / fermented bean sauce for the brisket looks a bit too dark for me, but could be the lighting.

If you go back, you may want to try a stir fry to see their skills in that area, #20 or #21 are easy choices. The one that would intrigue me the most is #24 and to see how crispy they can pan fry the mifen/mai fun, and if they arrange it to look like semi sphere (or they just smother minced beef on top).


Bang bang tonight
Shuck Oyster Bar. Recent fresh cut fries. Had an assortment of cloud bay clams and little necks. Hama Hama, some from Alaska and another from Washington. Always great job of shucking and really like the mignonette.
Tackle Box at Soco. Haven’t heard much about this place but it’s a real gem. Fast casual order at the counter but they are putting out tasty food.
Bacon wrapped blue cheese stuffed dates drizzled with balsamic and arugala. 4 for $6.50 felt like stealing. Crispy bacon, pungent blue cheese and good balance between the sweet date and peppery arugala.
Buffalo chicken wings. Nice crispy shell and spicy buffalo sauce. You can taste they pickle brine. My son said they are the best wings he has ever had.
OG burger. Perfectly cooked. Nice melty cheese. Good solid burger.
The revelation was the chicken pot pie. Buttery flaky crust. Some might say too buttery but I say that’s crazy talk. Huge chunks of chicken. Nice balanced sauce not too creamy and heavy. So delicious. One of the best bites I’ve had in a long time.


@thechez5, totally agree with Extraordinary desserts, looks great but very underwhelming.


What kind of offal?


Tripe, and liver were the ones I recognized.


Looks like a piece of spleen also in the first pic.


I actually didn’t notice any edible gold on anything so maybe they did.


youre awesome, thank you homie


Top notch flavor balancing with a slightly chewy crust

Apple Hand Pie - rye pie dough, apple jam - super light and flakey crust and a rich apple jam that’s not too sweet…fantastic!

Pastrami Croissant by Mr Holmes

Flakey on the outside but a little too moist in the center where the pickled onions and on-the-dry-side pastrami. I think I still like it.


I’m assuming (since you did not label the location) that the first photo was from Il Romanista?

Ah, on closer inspection: Triple Beam. Damn homie, don’t make it so much work for us - throw us a bone here!


Bang #1

A Chinese BBQ place that only offers siu yuk, chicken, and roasted duck?! Not even char siu…

Typical veggie soup - Freebie

Siu Yuk

Super crispy skin with tender, flavorful porky goodness

Roasted Duck

Juicy with skin that has a slight crisp…I do feel that these aren’t as flavorful as the ones I’m used to…perhaps a bit under seasoned?

Stir-fried garlic dau miu / pea shoots - homey goodness

Rice - Freebie

Bang #2

Since we’re close by, why not?

Chips & Salsa - freebie

Beef Birria Burrito - flavorful and juicy af birria burritos with stretchy handmade tortillas. Juices were squirting out as we were biting down. :yum:

Birria, Refried beans, Cheese Burrito

Bang #3

Second day of guilty pleasure at Triple Beam

Spongey garlic knot with parm - comes with tomato sauce but it’s not necessary for enjoyment

Honestly, I came back just to have the apple hand pie again. It’s so dang good.


image https://i.imgur.com/nZwxflC_d.jpg?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium


Any time I see birria with beef instead of goat I have a negative bias. Figure they’re aiming for the gringo-audience.


Oh hell yea it was…waistline be damned!


I was under the impression that beef variant does exist in Mexico despite goat being the traditional birria of choice. As for the gringo crowd, I’m not even sure if I’ve ever seen one in the area assuming your use of gringo is the same as mine…It’s located in a gringo-free city.


@catholiver, we travel to TJ/Baja Mexico not infrequently and the majority of taco shops offer both goat and beef birria or more commonly just beef. Don’t know about other parts of Mexico.