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menu with prices

NYC food lover & fam coming to visit LA

Opening friday, see you bastards there, code word “sergio”.


I’ll see you in 3 months when the crowds die down a little (I hope)… :wink:


might be worse! get in early! before the heathen masses realize he is open. I new it was close the room and kitchen looked pretty ready when I walked by a few weeks ago.


I know, I was thinking that, given how, like, all other good restaurants become harder to get into as time goes on. :frowning: But I am also in budget conservation mode. But maybe I’ll just order one plate of pasta and then hit McD’s afterward. Most random bang-bang ever? :frowning:


Uh no. That bangbang is so commonplace, it even has a name: The @kevin special.


Does the @kevin special require the filet-o-fish and the hash brown? Or is that the @ipsedixit special? I told my partner about that when we walking by McD’s recently, and he was like, “What the hell???” He was also sitting next to me when I started noticing that the post titles had been changed and was wondering why I was laughing so hard that I was crying. :joy:


The Filet O’Fihash hack (say that fast 3 times) is preferred, but not compulsory (@kevin constantly lives within the imminent spectre of “BK”, after all). And credit goes to @ipsedixit for grandfathering the Filet O’Fihash into our discussions.


Woohoo! Maybe I’ll try to sneak in early on a weeknight. I wonder if they’ll add lunch eventually.


Wow they released the menu as well. Great hours to keep, too.

Holyyyyy cow. I can’t seem to get into their Resy page so they may be booked up already, but maybe I’ll go at like 11 pm when the crowds most likely will have died down a bit.

There are SO MANY pastas! =D

Their cocktails are real Venice-priced (which is appropriate in some ways since idk who would just be drinking cocktails there) lol But the wine list is expansive and has tons of really reasonably priced bottles which is really awesome.

I wonder how their bistecca fiorentia will be…


you weren’t kidding about those cocktail prices


They seemed intended to steer people towards wine haha


I fear this is going to be a very expensive place to dine. It may be difficult to do like 5 pasta tastings as I would do at Bucato…


one bottle of red under fifty bucks. 17 for a negroni.

may the backwaters of the river ganges run up their sisters pantyhose.


These prices are making NYC joints uncomfortable. They thought they had the market cornered on 18 dollar cocktails…


I’m not super sure what you’re saying, are you upset by the cocktails or the wine? On the version of their wine list I see there are a bunch of bottles of red in the $45-$60 price range. That’s about as reasonable as you will ever find bottles priced in an LA restaurant of a high caliber.

The cocktail prices are there because I don’t believe they want people to drink cocktails with the food, but knowing the Venice crowd, they would get a million complaints if they didn’t have any. And that crowd won’t give a shit, they’re the same crowd that resulted in Scopa developing their $375 and up cocktail menu http://www.lamag.com/liquidlablog/rich-people-drink-scopa-italian-roots/

I am not sure people fully comprehend the amount of wealth concentrated in Venice… so far I haven’t heard of a place in NYC serving ~$400 cocktails, which appears to be somewhat routine to a prominent segment of drinkers in Venice lol


I comprehend the wealth in Venice, but c’mon man at some point do absurd prices begin to take away from your enjoyment of the place? For me, they do. Ryan Sutton over at EaterNY wrote an interesting article about this, in regards to Cosme.

Some nights you want cocktails. And I guarantee that some people in Italy drink cocktails with their food too. Of course the wine tradition is most prominent there; I’ve been laughed at for drinking a Coke with an Italian lunch, but still…

Where are $400 cocktails? Oh didn’t see the above link about Scopa… Damn these Silicon Beach people and their tech money. I don’t want us to be the new SF :frowning:


5 pastas at Bucato would’ve run you about ~$120 after tax and tip. Although there are no prices listed, you really think it’s going to be way more? I guess there is the possibility that they will price them at those Republique levels so they average like $30-$40 instead of $18-$22 (like at Bucato) so it would end up being around $150-$200 for 5 pastas, which would suck, but surely you are splitting 5 pastas with someone? I would still happily pay $100/person for Funke’s pasta.

It is true that Bucato was once an extraordinary place where, as a solo diner, I would often go and get out with two pastas, and that miraculous bread plus wine for like $65, which always felt like an incredible steal to me, and now that probably won’t be possible…but Felix is parked in real estate that must be several times more expensive to rent out than the Helms space sadly, so that seems predictable =(


Well, for the people who want to drink cocktails, they are there. I would imagine the spirits used are a touch more upscale due to Venice preferences, necessitating the higher prices for cocktails. Bucato did not even offer cocktails, so if you’re into cocktails you ought to be rather happy!

Venice already feels like the new SF in many ways… now if only we could get a version of Saison in there…


Oh it’s certainly predictable, and if the prime real estate will allow Felix and Funke to thrive, I’m all on board. But yes, there were few things better than sneaking into Bucato late night, not waiting, and indulging in those magnificent pastas for what seemed to be very good value.

I guess, for selfish reasons, I don’t want this to be Cassia part two, in which a wonderful neighborhood restaurant relocates to a fancier part of town and transforms into a finely tuned behemoth where you admit that the food is wonderful but can’t quite figure out how you just spent three hundred dollars.

But why should I complain? Funke’s cooking pasta again in Los Angeles, California. I’m elated.