Felix - Venice


Strangolapreti (Spinach and Parmesan dumplings).

My friend and I had a great time at Felix last night (thank you @PorkyBelly!).

FTC confession: We forgot to order pasta!

I did ask whether they had lobster/crab/uni, etc, but the only fish they had that night was the branzino, which was great. I wonder if there is a secret menu… There was one special offered that evening, fried artichokes, which were fabulous.

I really liked Felix, the food, service, ambience and wine were all terrific, and Chef Funke is so genuine and nice. I can’t wait to go back. I haven’t been this happy with a new place since Bestia. :heart_eyes:


had those Thursday - divine.
So too was
The grilled Quail with mushrooms (no picture)
AND one of these shots is
FOGLIE D’OLIVA (pesto di fave
& pecorino pugliese) Fava pesto

And this baby wich was beef and onions cooked down like crazy till it was like French Onion soup on top of bombolotti


I wanted quail! Next time. :slight_smile:


The quail is excellent and highly recommended, though not a large portion so, depending on how hungry you are, you might want to order a pasta in addition.


I believe it was 30 bucks for one quail (we had to get 2 orders for our 4-some) - must be very expensive mushrooms that come with :wink:


Yes, at Craft one quail is $38, but oh so delicious. And the mushrooms are a side order. Why must these chefs toy with us this way? We just want a giant platter of quail, and somewhere to toss the little bones when done sucking on them. :slight_smile:


Gotta go chinese for that!


Or Vietnamese.

Chim Cut Chien Bo, ftw.


FTC confession: I’ve never ordered a secondi


Haven’t been to Felix yet, but looking at the menu I know I want to try a pasta from each of the different regions. There is no way in hell there will be room in my stomach for a meat course.


Pasta are not that large - actually none of the dishes I have had are particularly large (other than the bistecca).
I went with 3 other normal sized adults (2 ladies/2 gents), and we took down:
Squash Blossoms
Fried Artichokes
Cicoria salad
4 pastas
2 Quail
3 desserts

Nobody was hungry. Nobody was stuffed. Nothing was left…


I love quail, and especially the various versions they do at Craft, but the price is really kind of out there sometimes, excellent though it may be.

To satisfy the itch I go to Farmers Market Poultry and get a pack of six frozen quail for around $10 or so, and either grill or pan broil a few, de-glazing the pan with some brandy and whatever fruit jam is handy – blueberry, black currant or marmalade depending on the mood. This is one of those dishes where you can come pretty close at home to duplicating dining out, providing you have the right ingredients.

That the quail are frozen does not really make a difference flavor wise, and several vendors have told me that is is unlikely that any place is actually selling fresh quail.

By the way even though I get a pack of six, and cook all of them, despite their small size I can rarely manage more than two, maybe three, due to how rich the meat is. (Great leftovers though.) And you have that nice little pile of bones when you are done. (Which then can be used to make a pretty intense, albeit small amount of stock.)


Have a reservation this Sunday @ 7:30 for 2 that I can’t make, anyone want it?




Anybody want a reservation for 2 tomorrow at 530?


I finally got to try Felix last week and really enjoyed the meal. Fwiw Sergio was in the kitchen, and none of the dishes suffered from the over-salting that has been mentioned before. I loved the service - efficient and friendly without being intrusive. We forgot our leftovers when we left, and the manager chased us down to bring it to us! Just goes to show how on top of everything they are - we were only a block away, so they must have noticed right away and figured out exactly who it belonged to.

Sfincione focaccia - This was as good as everyone says, fluffy and unctuous.

Squash blossoms - A bit greasy, maybe left a little too long in the fryer? I enjoyed my first one but didn’t really want to eat more.

Malloreddus - Favorite dish of the night - doesn’t look like much, but the ragu had so many layers of flavor and the saffron added a nice accent to the lamb.

Strangolapreti - Deliciously pillowy, definitely rich though.

Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe - Has more peppery kick than it looks. It wasn’t bad but I guess I don’t love cacio e pepe. I’ve tried supposedly good versions both here and in Rome, and it always becomes monotonous after a few bites. Is there a version somewhere else I just have to try??


Forma has a great Cacio e Pepe, it actually opens up with each bite, instead of becoming monotonous.

What’s that saying about potato chips? A banquet in the first bite…


Hadn’t heard of Forma before, thanks for the rec!


Just checked the menu. $23, yikes! Do you think it’s worth that price?


$23 is yikes when we’re in a thread for Felix…?

Forma is quite good, and the portions might be a tad larger than Felix.