Felix - Venice


For what it’s worth, I went on Thursday (I think a reservation must have opened up thanks to the Dodger game being concurrent) and had no issues with the service. Well-paced, attentive, and good wine advice.


sfincione - focaccia siciliana, rosemary, sea salt, olive oil
fabulous, fantastic, focaccia

panzanella - market vegetables, burrata pugliese, pane fritto
highlight of the night. perfect balance of salt, fat, and acid.

casulli ai ricci di mare - sea urchin, garlic, peperoncino, parsley
pasta was good, but the uni was pretty pitiful.

gnocchi di patate - oxtail ragu, pecorino romano
As @Chowseeker1999 experienced this was sadly saltier than @linus after returning from 12 months at sea. And yes Sergio was in the house.

gelato al pistacchio - bronte pistachio gelato
The gelato was extremely thick and nutty, like a pistacchio caulk. I actually would have preferred it to be a bit sweeter.



How is the gelato compared to Bulgarini?


bulgarini > felix

felix > bulgarini


Thanks for the report @PorkyBelly. Bummer about the pastas. :frowning: Definitely saltier (some of them), and that uni one looks sad.


suppli alla romana - rice croquettes, fior di latte, guanciale, pomodoro
like a rice-y mozzarella stick, tasty but not as good as the ones i had at che fico.

black truffles flown in from france
First you get the truffles, then you get the power…

then you get the women

(special) tonnarelli alla norcina - sausage, black truffle
Fantastic dish, so rich and black a kardashian tried to marry it. The pasta was earthy, rich, creamy, porky, not too salty, and with enough truffles to last until the last bite.

(new) frutti di mare all’acqua pazza - diver scallops, blue prawns, striped bass, calamari, manila clams
Each component of this dish was cooked separately and you could tell, each item was the perfect doneness. Even the striped bass had beautifully crisped skin. The broth was flavorful but a bit salty.


I’m going back as soon as I can. Both dishes look incredible.