Felix - Venice


Is there a specific time of the day they open up?


What’s the bar seating situation like these days?


I am curious too.

If I go Mon-Thur at opening for a single diner no res would I be good?


You should be good if you arrive when they open.


Not a problem after 9:30PM most weeknights.


The schedule opens up at midnight.


I have a 5:30* reservation for 2 TONIGHT that I can’t make anymore. Babysitter herniated a disc.

If anyone wants to use it, DM on here and I’ll give you the information.

*I know. 5:30. I’m hardcore.


burrata pugliese - heirloom tomatoes, basil, balsamico sette anni
Wow, this was fantastic, highlight of the night. The burrata from puglia had a soft, elastic exterior with a creamy milky interior. The tomatoes were perfectly ripe and i could bathe in the olive oil and balsamic, so good. Eaten with the fresh basil it was like a margarita-pizza-summer-explosion in your mouth. It was so summery the white walkers and jon snow called off the war and went on vacation #summeriscoming

This performance by the susan lucci of DOTM will surely win her the nod for August @TheCookie

sficione - Focaccia siciliana, sea salt & rosemary
This is my high carb day

tagliatelle - ragu di culatello, parmigano reggiano
Loved the slightly chewy texture of the tagliatelle, sauce was ok.

spaghetti al nero di seppia - octopus sugo, wild oregano, peperoncino
Excellent pasta again, but the sauce was surprisingly mild and the octopus had a weird spongy texture. I was hoping for more of a seafood-y briny flavor. This would have been great with some bottarga like the version @J_L got.

crostata - black mission figs, panna montata
Pretty good, the figs could have been sweeter.


Oh, and they’re no longer charging a mandatory 20% service fee anymore. Not sure how new this is, I guess enough people complained.


Oh my wow. Look at that gorgeous thing. Is this the same place where you had the peaches, puglia burrata, mint & balsamic? I was going to recreate it and got the necessary ingredients. Unfortunately I took a short cut and bought the peaches at Whole Foods. The burrata was perfect, but I don’t know how they get away with selling such mediocre (or worse) produce!!!

P.S. I just saw that SALADS may finally make it as DoTM! Whoa!


This doesn’t seem to be going over as well as restaurant owners thought.


Yep same place, if they have the burrata on the menu it’s a must order.




sat at the bar last night for dinner…

Ordered the foccacia, the burrata, diavolo pizza, alla gricia, and the sugo.

Started off great, foccacia was divine, burrata was great…and the diavolo was amazing (had this twice before, but this time it was 10/10).

But then…took them 40 MIN to bring out the pastas after the pizza…the timing was great up until then, but seriously 40min in between? They were very busy but doesn’t matter. Totally ruined the experience and left a bad taste in my mouth…didn’t even really apologize after me bugging them…annoying


I have a kid too and we also operate on senior citizen time.


What time did you get there and what was the wait like?


I believe the 20% charge has not been automatically added for at least several months now, from foggy memory.

It’s interesting that Gold thinks some of the pasta is too al dente. I am not educated enough on real Italian cooking to know what is correct, but agree that in Italy dry pasta is used quite often. Also haven’t tried all the pastas like him. But, I would say that the pasta at Rossoblu tasted almost soggy to me, whereas Gold thought it was perfect.



Have yet to go to Rossoblu, but would it be safe to assume their pasta is similar to Sotto’s? If so the pasta at Felix is far superior imo.


Hi @ilykejordans,

Yah, except I thought the pasta at Rossoblu was worse than Sotto (and more overcooked).



Oh my goodness. Thank goodness. I actually thought Funke’s pasta at Bucato was, as you say (or jgold says), a little too al dente. And also suspected that American foodies (for lack of a better word) are more obsessed with fresh pasta than a lot of Italians. There, I said it.

As far as those other restaurants go? Never been, can’t judge.