Foie Gras: Gone Again?


Edit: it seems that the ban may not actually take effect once again until the appeals process (for this decision) is completed - it basically depends on what the Supreme Court chooses to do (refuse to hear the case, decide there was a legal error and remand it to a lower court for rehearing, or take the case up). IANAL and this was not legal advice.


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What crap! When this first happened (in 2007 IIRC) I read it described as going after “low hanging fruit.” They put the only CA producer Sonoma Fois Gras out of business. Why not go after Big Ag? Have you ever seen a pig gestation crate?

I assume I, as a consumer, can still order from Hudson Valley, but what BS. And now chefs will go back to “giving” it to the diner and charging for the toast or something.




Jacked up: In the first photo of the article, there’s a lady holding up a “save a Life!” placard, while wearing what looks like leather pants.


I’ve had THAT convo with a couple of vegans on FB.


I don’t like anyone telling me what I can and cannot eat…especially when it’s as delicious as foie.


Here’s some we had in Budapest a few years ago. Just to remind you :slight_smile:



LQ Foodings, this past weekend:


RIP never foie-get.


Sheesh, that’s a HUGE serving!


This duck got two pipes down the gullet, right?



Unfortunately the climate in CA is hostile toward any business, and the local guys don’t have the deep pockets to defend themselves. Are CA lawmakers really naive enough to think that big ag raises animals humanely? Scratch that. Stupid question.

Well I’m going to enjoy it while I can. Recess Room in Fountain Valley does a PB&J riff with foie that is amazing, especially when you opt for the optional rum milk punch. Pueblo always has some in back, whether or not it’s on the menu.


That menu for Recess Room looks incredible. I don’t see the PBJ so could you give a little description. I still have some in my freezer from Hudson Valley. I got a great deal with something like 30% off and $10 overnight shipping IIRC.


Recess Room is a neighborhood gem. One of our go-tos for happy hour and date night.

The dish is basically seared foie and peanut butter on toast and sauced with strawberry preserves.


I want pretty much everything on the menu :slight_smile:

Love the sounds of that PBJ but I’ve to get ‘gourmet’ PB and perserves :slight_smile: Off-topic but I read about a one slice of bread sandwich with PB, honey and arugula. Sounds awfully good. Especially since I got some Greek honey after returning from there a few months ago.


Should we make Foie Gras DOTM for October?

We could compile a list in advance of all the places that serve it well, and then just hit the ground running come October…


The salads are about the only things that we haven’t been totally impressed with. They’re not bad, just not on the same level as everything else we’ve tried. I still want to try the beet salad, though. The veal dumplings (more like ravioli) are fantastic. Other standouts are the blue crab beignets, the double decker tacos, and the fried chicken sandwich. Can’t wait to try the bone marrow burger and the Kurobuta pig head.


With that menu, who wants salad?!?!? LOL! I showed it to my husband and he drooled also. I keep threatening to come from Tahoe to LA’ish for food. This place would certainly be at the top of my list. :slight_smile:


I love California and I always defend it, but geez. Things like this make me wish we were more like NYC, where the people in power are a bit more reasonable and less about liberal identity political points, (even if ironically, the defenders of foie gras are overwhelmingly liberal). We just ban things for the heck of it now. Is there a majority opinion? Yeah? Then let’s pass a law. We can never have to many laws, I guess.