Foie Gras: Gone Again?


Reporting back on the Pig Head at Recess Room. Your assessment was spot on. While tasty, it was really greasy to the point of being a little overwhelming. Social’s was better IMO. I still love the other offerings at Recess Room.




what’s effectively the result? can’t buy? can’t sell? imports ok? i’m confused.


Guess it’s time to stock up my freezer. Damn those PETA assholes who protest my ability to eat what I want. I don’t disparage them of their vegetarianism or veganism.


Every plant eaten reduces the amount of vegetation available for photosynthetic carbon reduction.


And the amount food needed to feed a cow for that juicy steak that I crave.


All of these years I’ve repeated “low hanging fruit.” Have they ever seen a pig gestation crate? What bullshit.


Chef Laurent will still serve foie gras, regardless of the legislative landscape. #ToujoursFrenchy


Gavage is the anti-meat fanatics’ equivalent of partial-birth abortion.

If they really wanted to improve animals’ well-being they’d go after the big industrial chicken and pork producers, like Tyson.


concise AF


a quick vid i shot at a duck/goose farm in Dordogne where we had an amazing dinner. Savage isn’t it.


That’s not La Ferme des Veyssieres by any chance?


no. thanks for making me go to figure out where it was so we dont lose it… had a life changing all duck cassoulet there.


I saw only geese and goose products when we were in the area. Nary a sign of ducks.


Glad I could help


Wonderful! We go to Marquay, which looks like Buttercup’s farm in the “The Princess Bride”. One of the most beautiful places I have ever been. They leave the church unlocked with a sign asking you to close the door when you leave. The Dordogne may be my favorite place in the world after Yosemite and Zion. Food is better in the Dordogne though.


I’ll have to look for duck next time I’m through there. I was OK with goose goose and more goose since I never see it here, but it seemed strange since even in Paris it’s mostly duck.


Yoda would say: “A classic game of duck duck goose playing are you…”


Has anyone seen the conditions and treatment of pigs at a “conventially-raised” pig farm? Or how about sticking a nose ring attached to a rope thru a cow’s nose at a cattle ranch? Or cutting off the beaks of chickens so they don’t peck each other in cramped quarters? These conditions make a goose/duck farm look like a day spa. It boils down to which industry has financial and political power. I would imagine it ain’t the goose farmers.