Foie Gras: Gone Again?


Yep, Big Ag has clout.


I turned 65 a few weeks before the ban went into effect. We were doing a house exchange in Sonoma at the time. So I went to Sonoma Foie Gras and bought two whole lobes as my birthday present. It still infuriates me that ‘they’ picked the low hanging fruit of duck liver cause they know they can’t get the Big Ag that The Cookie mentions above. Since we live in NV we can get it in restaurants. And I think I still have half a lobe somewhere in my freezer. Oh and one of our local restaurants, in the NV Art Museum, is going to have a burger that you can add foie to.


The anti-foie fanatics don’t care about animal welfare. They want to ban eating meat. Which is a political nonstarter.


Do you suppose they wear “vegan” shoes — yes, there are such things.


I’ve been to a very highly regarded farm where foie is produced and my takeaway is that it is not humane. No more or less so then regular factory farmed meat. The only way to get to humane treatment of farm animals is by government intervention. We could have large scale farming operations that would be significantly more humane. That alone would bring prices down, along with subsidization for that kind of farming. This is a step in the right direction (although small) and I’m “here for it”



You’re welcome.


The artisanal foie gras farms I know treat their birds better in part because they’re far more valuable.

I’m all for government reguations mandating humane treatment (but that has nothing to do with this ban). In the meantime, I support farms that do it voluntarily.


Please elaborate on what you saw. What I’ve seen is a quite benign, very short (seconds) ‘process.’ Yes, in the end the animal is killed. But except for that…???


Ducks packed together in a barn on a “free range” farm with no space in between them. Unsanitary and for the forced feeding part (I’m not sure how long this goes on for a couple weeks I think) they are kept in even smaller actual pens. I didn’t see the ducks lining up to eat etc. Did not look pleasent for the ducks even w/o gag reflex, the ppl have to grab their necks to push the tube down etc.


I agree, that’s why I said more humane.


What country was this?




You obviously have much to learn.


Compared to this:

Image result for gestation crates for pigs


The United States of America.
And no not more inhumane.


Other than Hudson Foie Gras I don’t know other US producers.


This was probably more then 10 yrs ago and there were a handful but yup that was one of them!


So this is as bad as a gestation crate?


This is a promo for them! It’s fine you don’t have to believe me if you don’t want. You really think it’s humane to have an animal that weighs I don’t know 8lbs to have a liver bigger then a human? It’s one very very easy thing we can give up and hopefully it’s a step in the right direction for a more humane way to raise animals in general. That’s all I’m saying. I’ve worked with 100’s of lbs of foie gras and eaten lots as well, I’m willing to give it up in hopes of it being the first step in the right direction.


Do you really think that even a world-wide ban on foie would have an ounce of effect on the cows, pigs and chickens of the world? Not to mention leather. Do some research on THAT. It’s even worse than EATING meat.