Foie Gras, how do YOU cook it at home?


Oh, I hadn’t thought of that. But no. I’m thinking a little filet mignon and the foie sitting beside it. A little frou-frou composed salad. And some toasted brioche. ???


I would do a duet of beef tartare and seared foie on bruschetta.

It would be a nice contrast of cold and heat, and the bread would give a nice textural dimension to the protein.

Otherwise, just steak and foie seems a bit monotonous on the tongue.


Oooh, that sounds FANTASTIC! I love the “cold and heat.” Do you have a fave tartare recipe? YOU are brilliant. :slight_smile:


Not recipe, but technique.

The key to a good tartare is how you handle the beef. Sort of like making pie crust – the key is how you handle the butter (cold butter).

As it is with tartare. Stick your beef in the freezer so that it starts to harden (depending on the size of your beef and/or freezer may take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours). Then manually cut the beef; never use a machine. Begin by slicing the beef into sheets, then strips, then dice. Aim for a rough chop.

How you season is really up to you, I generally use all or some combo of the following:

  • Mustard (Dijon preferably)
  • Shallots, diced
  • Horseradish, minced
  • Capers, minced
  • Salt
  • Black pepper, ground
  • Cornichons
  • Lemon juice
  • Egg yolk


Funny. I almost wrote “technique.” Regarding size, 1/4", 1/8"???


Gosh, I don’t think I’ve ever measured.

Just eyeballing it, I prefer the size to be about the size of normal BB pellets. Whatever size that may be.

But this will really depend on user preference.


So that’s really tiny.


It depends on what you prefer and how tender your meat is. I’ve never done it, but my dad used to make it and it was definitely coarser than that. About 1/4"? It depends on the meat. If it’s too chewy, chop it finer.

He used salt, black pepper, shallots or chives, and egg yolk. Sometimes he added mustard or Worcestershire.

My mom didn’t like capers mixed in, so we had cornichons on the side. It’s a pretty forgiving thing to make if you start with good meat and taste as you go.

Oh, and once I cooked fois gras and it melted, so now I leave it to the pros.


Thirty seconds and then twenty seconds. That’s it. Easy peasy


Just break out the creme brûlée torch.


I have one of those. Does it put out enough heat? 'Course I’ve never had a problem…all four times that I’ve cooked it :slight_smile:


sure does


Too late for Valentines but Tournedos Rossini Is a classic Steak and Foie dish!


That might have been kinda/sorta what I did.


Had foie with prime filet mignon, sauteed mushrooms and an arugula salad. So good.


Most decembers I order a whole foie gras and make a terrine. We eat it with homemade brioche. Happiness!


I’m sure it’s wonderful. But I can’t imagine anything other than a quick sear. I have a couple more ‘quarters’ in the freezer. Getting in the mood :slight_smile: