Food Free-for-All


Funny. My niece is a vegetarian and lives on quesadillas. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her eat a vegetable.


What is in that @ipsedixit?


Basically hawthorne fruit and sugar


Yeah, that sounds familiar. On one of my trips to Japan as a teenager, my cousin told me that I ate so much cheese that I would start to perspire it. Luckily, I corrected my poor eating habits.

I went to college with Jim Smith, the proprietor of the DTLA club The Smell. Back then he lived off of 7-11 bean and cheese burritos. He hated fruit and vegetables. He told me he’d rather eat Jolly Ranchers than real fruit. I don’t know what his eating habits are like now.


Haw Flakes! Used to snack on those as a kid. I always thought they look like firecrackers!

I am interested if there is anyone using those for sweet and sour pork in the US. I know of no places in the Los Angeles area.


There needs to be another term for those who don’t eat animals but also don’t eat vegetables. My 12 year old goddaughter is one. Doesn’t eat meat for ethical reasons but also doesn’t like vegetables other than French fries. She’d live off of bread and desserts if given the choice.


Mt. Rushmore of La Croix Flavors:

Pineapple Strawberry


Isn’t the entirety of Food Talk Central about posting any food related thing we feel like sharing?


[quote=“J_L, post:28, topic:3646, full:true”]
Isn’t the entirety of Food Talk Central about posting any food related thing we feel like sharing?
[/quote] Uh… Within a thread. This is the no thread zone. If you want to post something like an article, food trivia, or something random and you can’t find the proper thread and don’t want to start one, come here. For example, I thought the MSN slideshow about foods that were popular the year you were born was interesting. I didn’t want to start a specific thread for it.


This is like the Island of Misfit Toys.




I just want to say that I am a big fan of Chinese pork floss sandwiches made with Kewpie.

Preferably using Hokkaido milk bread.

And, no, for the record I am not pregnant.


Okay now. I had to look up the floss and the bread and they sound fine. But you make a sandwich out of them? Hmm, just how sure are you that you’re not preggers?!? LOL


Hey, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

It’s not only popular, but quite yummy.

*picture not mine


I totally trust you! Our Asian market doesn’t have a lot of fresh things. I’ll see if they have the bread. If not we’ll be in Seattle next month. If those are lurking cukes though I’ll pass. I really don’t like them.


Memories rush back…

Momma J_L used to make this exact sandwich for me as school lunch way back when (even with the sliced cucumbers!), except she’d add a fried egg to that bad boy…


Mama ipsedixit used to put sweet relish in mine!

After school snack of champions!


I’m glad you posted a picture, because I was having a hard time imagining it in a sandwich too. It looks good. It’s like the Asian equivalent of the tuna sandwich that American kids had stuffed in their lunch bags.


Cheese Lovers


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