Food Free-for-All


Best Ice Cream Desserts In Every State.


Of the three main sandwich ingredients the only one I’ve ever seen (and have in my fridge) is Kewpie. I suspect I might find pork floss (or similar) at 99 Ranch, if I looked closely, but where would I find something close to milk bread? Tokyo Central?


Mitsuwa, or most Japanese bakeries in/around Little Tokyo.


Thanks. Costa Mesa this evening!


In a pinch you could probably substitute Wonder Bread. But only in a pinch.


You can’t pinch Womder Bread. It has no real texture to it. :roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I like Wonder Bread with Best Foods mayo and Peanut Butter… But don’t tell anyone.


Wonder bread makes for perfect PB&J.

Do tell everyone. People need to know. Life’s too short to eat wrong bread for PB&J.


Mayo AND PB… on the same sandwich??? And I thought I could eat almost anything.


:grin: I was wondering if you would catch that. Yes!


It’s okay, my brother likes eggo minis with ketchup. :grimacing:


:relaxed: Yikes


The only thing I’ve ever eaten at McDonald’s is French fries. I have never eaten at a Red Lobster, Olive Garden or Subway. I’ve never eaten supermarket white bread or wheat bread or Kraft macaroni cheese or TV dinners or Cool Whip. I’ve never had ice-cream from an ice-cream truck. I’ve never eaten a candy bar.

I’ve never told this to anyone before.


I assume you’re embarrassed by this.


Wait… What? How is this possible? Who are your parents?


Should I be? :wink:


No you shouldn’t be embarrassed at all. It’s intriguing. I’m just curious. Did you have a restrictive diet growing up?


If I’d never had ice cream from an ice cream truck, I’d feel like I missed something essential from growing up in the 50s.

That seems decidedly odd. Those things don’t need to be unhealthy at all. Actually I don’t suppose any of the places you mention have to be unhealthy. Like everything else, just a matter of making good choices.

ETA: We keep Marie Callender’s (?sp) chicken pot pies in the freezer for those nights when neither of us want to cook or go out. They’re really tasty.


Lol, not at all. We just didn’t eat those foods.


Amazing. I think the no candy bar blows me away the most. And this is coming from a person who was raised by meditating vegetarians. First the kale salad in the purse thing, now this. You’re an interesting person.