Food Free-for-All


It wasn’t “healthy” food, it was regular food. We ate mac and cheese and cookies and white breads, just not the grocery store ones. And we ate out fairly often.

I remember summer as icy, cold watermelon cracked into big hunks and eating it with juice getting all over us, spitting seeds at each other. It was fun.


I’m really subconsciously jealous of your healthy life, but I just saw this in my Facebook feed and HAD to share it. Absolutely no harm intended. It’s just my odd sense of humor.


I also remember the ice cream truck coming through the neighborhood with its bells ringing and we all ran to get probably a nickel. But I also remember hand churning peach ice cream. :slight_smile:


Lol, that is pretty funny. But I ate it cuz I LIKE it. :smiling_imp:


Okay, now that is interesting!


Rubbing my eyes - EHHHH???


And look how she turned out… :wink::laughing::kissing_smiling_eyes:


I saw this and thought of you:


An ode to San Francisco’s most beloved ice cream sandwich:

Who knew it came in pumpkin?


They look really good! I actually love pumpkin ice cream.


My Mom used to put pork floss on top of buttered toast with 2 over easy or sunny side eggs with slightly sweetened soy sauce. Toast and Eggs, Chinese style.


They are! I’ve seen 'em in Vons down here in LA but only in vanilla and mint, I believe.


Used to live 5 minutes from the It!s It facility in Burlingame. It’s a very old Bay Area tradition and deserves to be. Pumpkin is about as adventurous as they seem to get though.


I moved to SF in '76 so of course had them. They were always special.


I remember going to the little shack where they sold the It’s It’s next to Playland by the beach . A stones throw from the Cliff House .


Good morning San Franciscans.

Bon Appetite just voted this bakery “Best in the U.S.”

I would like to try this croissant. I now understand the importance of flaky (shatter) on the outside… kinda’. But for me, what is missing with Chaumont, Bouchon and others, is the tender, buttery, brioche-ness on the inside. Hello!


Was checking out at Safeway at Tahoe yesterday and there was a man buying two boxes of them (I’m guessing each held four?) They live in Dallas and visit Tahoe every summer. His family of four eats 30ish of them every trip!


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Pre-breakfast time here and I drooled over all the food photos!