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What to buy at an Asian Grocery Store.

Some of you already know this. But I found it interesting.


7 Foods You Should Be Eating for Better Brainpower.


Good lord, don’t get me started.

How about: Boost your brainpower by not reading misleading, faux science listicles. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Kasugai gummys made the list!


Ramen is displacing tobacco as most popular US prison currency, study finds


That’s awesome… and sad.

It’s interesting the private (for profit) prisons are the ones practically starving their prisoners. Sounds like another industry we had in the U.S. about 250 years ago.


Aye. What a fucking racket.

And especially sad that they probably don’t even get the good ramen.


An incredible poem by Kanye West…

McDonalds Man
McDonalds Man
The French Fries Had A Plan
The French Fries Had A Plan
The Salad Bar And The Ketchup Made A Band
Cus The French Fries Had A Plan
The French Fries Had A Plan
McDonalds Man

I Know Them French Fries Had A Plan
I Know Them French Fries Had A Plan
The Cheeseburger And The Shakes Formed A Band
To Overthrow The French Fries Plan
I Always Knew Them French Fries Was Evil Man
Smelling All Good And Shit
I Don’t Trust No Food That Smells That Good Man
I Don’t Trust It I Can’t
McDonalds Man
McDonalds Man
McDonalds Damn

Them French Fries Look Good Tho
I Knew The Diet Coke Was Jealous Of The Fries
I Knew The Diet Coke Was Jealous Of The Fries
Even The McRib Was Jealous Of The Fries
I could See It Through His Artificial Meat Eyes
And He Only Be There Some Of The Time
Everybody Was Jealous Of Them French Fries
Except For That One Special Guy
That Smooth Apple Pie


[quote=“President_Mochi, post:87, topic:3646”]
And especially sad that they probably don’t even get the good ramen.
[/quote]LOL… :smirk: true


See… just when you’re hoping someone will push him off a cliff, he comes up with something like this! :relieved: Thank you.


There’s still hope - the push…


You made me actually LOL on that one!


The Right Vinegar for the Job
I haven’t tried the recipes. But it’s an interesting guide to using the right vinegars for certain foods or preparations.


I love the quiet, seething controlled disdain as the author tears people’s pretentious apart.

(Thank you, Eater Long Reads.)


I think she sounded (wrote) like an idiot and a bore. The piece was a long uninspiring attempt to shame people for the benefit of her readership and her career. Her far reaching attempts to denigrate so called “foodies” by writing that they believe they are noble and honorable because of their bourgeois love of Humboldt Fog, and to shame them for trying to eat humane, organic, sustainable products is a joke. Ms. Havrilesky has to shamelessly quote true wits and innovators to make herself seem interesting and bolster her ludicrous points. Dan Barber is a passionate doer and a teacher. Not someone who sits on his ass in front of a computer screen. Does she even know - the patron saint of contemporary female humorists - Nora Ephron was a famous food lover “foodie” and a great cook?

But the part that shows how unbelievably vacuous she is, was to quote someone who put Martin Luther King, Jr. in the same category as that slave owning, child-slave raping, hypocritical, coward, Thomas Jefferson. Here’s a little history lesson. Jefferson was indeed conflicted by slavery. But you want to know why he could never free his slaves and died in debt? Because he needed their blood & sweat to build his luxurious homes and to fund his addiction to gourmet foods and his massive shipments of French wines & furnishings.

Happy eating!


What I took away from this article is that, yes, there are people like Dan Barber out there fighting the good fight, but spending one’s money on precious cheese and expensive “locally sourced” restaurant meals does not help save the world.

If you enjoy good (organic, local, insert buzzword here) food, fine, but don’t assume that eating it is a valid contribution to some imaginary revolution. There are 11 billion people to feed in this world and an “addiction to gourmet food,” however virtuously disguised, will do nothing to feed them or free the slaves, or whatever we’re talking about.


Well… The fact that you and this writer think people who buy expensive cheese believe they are saving the planet is a leap I cannot take. I think you’re a cool person. And the writer would have valid points. But she just amuses herself by stereotyping and insulting a whole group of people. I don’t roll that way.

But mostly, I cannot respect a writer who knows little about her subject matter, uses the words of people she doesn’t seem to understand, and thinks Thomas Jefferson - who was the very hypocrite she’s railing against - is a virtuous benchmark.

And yes, I do believe small efforts can influence others and make a difference. Jumping to the conclusion that I think I’m saving the planet is presumptuous and condescending.


Let’s discuss it over a nice glass of wine one day. :kissing_heart::wine_glass::wine_glass:


I know. Can we kiss and make up?


The One Ingredient the World’s Top Chefs Can’t Do Without.’s-top-chefs-can’t-do-without/ar-AAinn4I#page=1