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The Best Produce Grown in Every State


Hey sports fans. Did you know Rick Bayless and Skip Bayless are brothers? They do have a resemblance. But I never would have thunk it.


Well… they just strapped his crazy ass to a gurney and put him in Cedars on a 5150.


Supposedly the Best Donuts in California

Donut Bar in San Diego


Looks like a contender - but the strawberry tells me they’re not hitting things like seasonal stuff during the proper peak of season. I know - knit-picking but if they claim they’re the best, they should be able to pass scrutiny. How were their donuts?


Ahhh… good point. I didn’t try it. That was on a slide show of the best donuts in 50 states. I didn’t know if anyone wanted to see all 50 states :blush:. But was curious if any FTC San Diegans (is that what u call them?) have been to the place.


Donut Bar in SD makes some good deep fried creations.

But best in CA? No. Maybe not even in the 92101.

And lets not even get started with the best strawberry donuts this side of Pluto.





Restaurants of the Rich & Famous?


Food & Drink Banned Around The World

In other words, don’t rely on the FDA. You are on your own.


Foods that 19 Top Chefs Refuse to Eat

Some are interesting, some surprising and one is just depressing… I love eggs benedict.


Julianne Moore - Sushi Face—-and-doctors-agree/ar-BBCIbq6?li=BBnbfcL

Indulging my love of all things Julianne Moore.


Thanks - I now now have another thing to blame on my morning face.

“Sushi face, honey. I have sushi face. It’s documented by some Hollywood actress - Google it.”

“But what about all the other mornings?”


:relaxed: If I wasn’t too lazy I would compile your posts for their own thread!


I haven’t thought of haw flakes in YEARS (possibly decades)! Used to love it as a kid. Would try to eat mulitple disks at once, but that was gross. So stuck just to one or two. Such good memories…


Did you just call me “gross”?

Well, f-you too.


Qué será, será…


Alton Brown Thinks L.A. is the Best Food City in U.S.