Food Free-for-All


A lot of L.A. on this list. And speaking of N.Y.C vs L.A. - #34 is a crack up.


Who’s been? :wink:


So many of those look very unappealing, regardless of price.


The donut man. LOVE.

I am such a huge fan of his strawberry donuts. But my neighbors? Who bring me his treats whenever they are visiting family in Gardena? Prefer his peach.

Being able to prefer one or the other is an embarrassment of riches that I am very grateful for : )


The Daily Meal’s - Best Casual Restaurants in America 2018

Their criteria is a little curious. And they didn’t add any Asian, (“worthy of their own ranking”). But lots of L.A. spots, so…


20 ‘Italian’ Dishes Italians Don’t Really Eat. In other words, thank you Italian-Americans!’t-really-eat/ss-AAypeY0?li=BBnbfcL#image=1


I have a friend who must have his hot dog fix when shopping at Costco. He will cry when he finds this out. How about you?


Aha! Now the debate as to whether a hot dog and a Polish dog are the same. I’d argue they aren’t at all. Costco’s hot dog (to me anyway) has very little flavor. Their Polish dog has much more, though it’s far from the best Polish dog I’ve had.

All I can say is that the new açaí bowl and Al Pastor thing had better be REALLY good.


Because of how Walmart treats their employees I’ve boycotted them for years.


I have always been fascinated by Marianne Faithfull… It’s now a full-blown crush.


You and me both!


Plus three!


You’d :heart: her autobiography. She’s a great storyteller, who brought to life what the 70’s rock scene was like, warts and all.


Were you around back then???


“I’ve been around for a long, long year. Stole many a man’s soul to waste.”


Does anyone know what goes into those caramelized onions from heaven that come with the pescado zarandeado at Coni and Cheko? I tried googling but came up empty. TIA!


Good question. Some cooks use worcestshire sauce when caramelizing onions, but I dunno’. Coinkydink, I just came across photos of my meal at Coni and was thinking to do a report soon.


In this thread: Saying Goodbye to the Amazing Nayarit-Style Seafood Dishes at Mariscos Chente - A Farewell to Sergio [Thoughts + Pics]

@chowseeker1999 said: “But don’t forget to add some of the Caramelized Onions (with a Housemade Soy Sauce and Butter base)”,

…but I’ve seen Maggi Seasoning mentioned elsewhere. It didn’t taste like Worcestershire to me.


Aah, thanks!! I should have searched this site first. I figured there was butter and soy, but Maggi Seasoning makes sense too.