Food I Ate as a Child That I'm Pretty Sure My Friends Didn't


I went to school with mostly white kids in the suburbs. Every day they’d have a peanut butter/jelly sandwich on whole wheat, a fruit roll-up, a pudding, an apple and they’d buy their milk from the cafeteria. Almost all the kids who brought their lunch had the same thing. It was weird. No one wanted to be different. Mediocrity was considered normalcy in the kid world.

In the cafeteria, they served pizza, then pizza boat, then french bread pizza, occasionally hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken nuggest or enchiladas. The second option was always “Wild” pizza, whatever that was. Basically it was pizza 4 out of 5 days. This was the 80/90s and my generation had terrible basic palates, compared to kids today.


Any 90’s kids like me in Los Angeles County/City remember this beauty??



IDGAF this shit was so f’ing good with some taco sauce.


Oh yeah can’t forget the calzones and the burger!!!

I think the burger was unintentionally confit in its own beef fat and the buns came in a separate package. Add some ketchup for a little sweetness and to cut thru the fat a little bit. Good lord!!!


Yep, I waited for Chalupa day. Loved the LAUSD lasagna as well, and my all-time favorite was turkey dinner for the holidays. Not a fan of school burgers, always gristle. Maybe this should go under FTC confessions, but since I was a “good student” I was picked to work in the cafeteria. I was thrilled…I got to leave the classroom early to help out and received free lunch for my labor. One of the other “good” students showed me her hand-washing trick: turn on the water faucet in the back so it sounds like you’re wash your hands, but you don’t actually wash your hands. :nauseated_face: I decided to ignore her advice :grimacing:


Back when I was in high school (in Torrance), a bagel with a hash brown, cream cheese, and ketchup was a regular breakfast item for us. I don’t know if that’s a common combination or just a North High thing.