Food-related podcasts


Oh, you’re taking that very jokey segment way too seriously. There’s no reason for you to be familiar with all my work, but if you listen to the podcast and my segments on KCRW or see what I’m doing as LA Weekly’s food editor, you’ll notice that I firmly believe that L.A. has the best food culture in the country. You’ll have to take my word for it here :slight_smile:

To your second point, I don’t want it to be a regional podcast, so I don’t push the “where to get it in LA” angle. It comes up organically on occasion, though.


Sharing my latest episode because I’m so excited about it. Turns out Gail Simmons is one of the loveliest people on the planet.


I’ve been listening to all of your podcasts, and this was really a fun listen. Especially as a big Top Chef fan.


Thank you! She was a really good Famous Person. Had clearly asked to be briefed on me ahead of time, was so sympathetic about all the nonsense at the Weekly, etc. I’d march in a Gail Simmons parade.


I didn’t know Cooking Issues became a podcast? That was my favorite blog/website RIP


i’m a subscriber to your podcast. good stuff!

Anyone know any LA Centric food based podcasts besides Good Food?

BTW, Haven’t listened to the Gail Simmons one yet, But she is one of my favorite TV food personalities.



The super amazing restaurant show


Thank you!

There’s one called Just Forking Around, but I haven’t listened to it.


Yep! It’s been going on for quite some time now. I used to listen to the earlier shows and always wondered where the forums were that they talked about.


Thanks for the rec, no new episodes tho. I wonder if Alvin Cailan gave up on it?


I’m enjoying house of carbs


Gastropod is most excellent. The science and history of food & cooking. Highly recommended!