Food Websites You Visit


I sites I frequent the most are FTC, Eater, LA Magazine and Hungry Onion (sometimes).Squid Ink and CH are both out of the rotation. I’d like to add some more resources that are not restaurant suggestion based sites. I miss Lucky Peach.

Anybody have good suggestions?


I go to Serious Eats for most recipe ideas. Bon Appetit is also a good resource.


What is this? Google is not much help.


I think LA Weekly changed the name of the blog/site after the recent acquisition.

Thanks @OCSteve I forgot about Serious Eats. I reference for recipes as well and more often recently for kitchen equipment reviews before purchasing.


Thanks! Too bad (for me) that’s it’s LA-centric. I’m not there that often.


Serious Eats,, Gastro Obscura


In addition to the above mentions, I second Gastro Obscura, and add:

Martha Stewart rarely lets me down for basic recipes, especially baking.


Like many here, I use Serious Eats, Saveur, Bon Appetit. Also Epicurious, Food 52, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, lifehacker and The Guardian (Yotam Ottolenghi, the author of Plenty has published quite a few recipes).

I’ve taken over 3 dozen classes from The Gourmandise School of Sweets and Savories in the Santa Monica Place and I find their recipes and cooking resources very useful. Regardless of whether you’re a cooking student there or not, they will respond to questions on their hotline. The recipes are farm-to-table oriented and if you shop at farmer’s markets, there’s plenty of inspiration.



Here are some of my favorite recipe sites: Caveat; the recipes have gotten bland lately. Many of the old ones are great. The Indian section has several recipes I make regularly. This is my go to site when I need baking inspiration. Horrible name, great recipes. Great recipes.

The weekly Ottolenghi column in The Guardian is a great source for recipes.



That is an excellent resource.


Cook’s Illustrated is great but many of their recipes are subscription only. However, I have found them duplicated on other sites such as Epicurious, which I like as well. I subscribe to Pailin’s Kitchen, Food 52 and Kitchn.