For a bday party, where to get massive amounts of fried chicken?


In high school, we’d show up with our gym bags. We looked like typical teens who had played ball and now refueling, having the bags was not unusual. But we’d line the bags with foil and drop in pieces of chicken.

Yeah, in retrospect that was stealing but at the time we were so proud of ourselves.


@lectroid in a slight defense of little caesars it actually tastes possibly 10x better if you let it cool down and then reheat it in your toaster oven. When I used to buy in college I would purposely let it cool and reheat it.

I think it had something to do with all the grease, fat, tomato sauce, congealing and having all the flavors mix together. You should try it sometime!


If it were my birthday party I’d order from Golden Bird on Crenshaw. Ask for Earl.


crenshaw and what?


Google is your friend.


Reminds me of when I used to work at Souplantation as a baker.

People would come in with these large totes and then make repeated trips to the bake station for cornbread, blueberry muffins, Indian grain bread (yes, the Indian grain bread was a big ticket item apparently) and then just dump into them totes back at the table.

One time, I just went to their table and handed out a bunch of carry-out containers and a large plastic bag for them and said something along the lines of “no need to dirty-up those nice faux leather bags.”


that’s really funny :+1:


Yeah, even then I would never think of doing that. Emptying a whole tray and not leaving anything for others? We usually would take a plate with several pieces and slip a couple into the bag. Do that for several trips and we’d each have a half dozen pieces for later snacking.


For a non grocery store option but inexpensive chain. There’s also Jim Dandy. They can be a bit inconsistent though. Still I think they’re better than the supermarket options.


the Sizzler buffet was always our best trashy fill up
Place. The spaghetti was fine, but the chicken wings were amazing and we’d regularly sneak home a dozen or more.

They also had the weirdest taco meat that was, and I’m not kidding, scarily close to school cafeteria tacos, a taste I never thought I’d ever taste again. It made for some weird flashbacks.


Because Sysco


@Luluthemagnificent I like Cheesecake Factory, too…sometimes you need a place with a large variety that will make everyone happy.
@ipsedixit You were a Souplantation hero…if only the current employees were as observant as you.


I went there a couple times for birthday parties or league nights. I remember my favorite part was the salad bar. I would get lettuce, the frozen peas, canned beets, and croutons, then douse it all with ranch dressing. Sometimes raisins too. I thought it was the best salad ever.


Ah! Salad bar ambrosia… :wink:



I know. I’m shocked it’s coming from @Bookwich.
Especially the ranch dressing part. :hugs:


It was a revelation. :heart_eyes_cat:


I don’t like fruit in salad but except for that this sounds super.


Hmmm… Maybe you are crying out for pea salad - a midwestern potluck/ funeral favorite!


This might be better suited for the Confessions thread - but I love my Better Homes & Garden Recipes app. :blush:


How some people here hate on mayo is how I hate on Ranch. I just don’t get it. Give me blue cheese for wings, give me mayo or ketchup as needed for other items. Ranch is just ugh to me.