France Trip


Paris can be a culinary landmine for those who are unfamiliar. What’s their budget?


Hi @Sgee -

:grin: This is a great itinerary. It’s 5:40am in Paris. I’ll give it a couple hours and send this post. My Pho loving son & his Vietnamese-American sweetie will get a particular kick out of your last rec.



One additional rec in Le Marais - cute little coffee spot (very good coffees too) the Cordonnierie aka Boot Cafe

Hahah glad the pho rec hit a spot :wink:


Hi @J_L -

I’m not sure of the budget. It’s not big, but they’re not counting pennies or staying in a hostel, if that helps. They’re looking for a taste of France, but not too froufrou. My son is the vegetarian in the group. I’m not sure if that adds to his issue with the food. Are they as veggie friendly in Paris as we are here?



Hardware Société - 10 Rue Lamarck, Paris 18

They must have been pleased with this because they sent a picture :grin:

I sent them the recs from you folks and they expressed sincere appreciation. I hope they report, that would be really cool.


Danggg. I’m loving the sight of the peas in that egg sandwich. Would love to see any reports back.

It may be too late, but most of the places from my trip report would fit the bill, if ordered right. Maybe except l’inconnu. Since he is vegetarian and looking for cheap ish eats, I’d definitely call out Miznon for the cauliflower head. And I can’t help but direct anyone and everyone to Chez L’ami Jean for the world champion rice pudding.

bon app!


Knew it. I should have looked at your recs closer. You know how to have a good food time and keep it in check.


Here is a good resource
you can search restaurants by arrondissement, the recommended ones will have a green/yellow/red plate mark. Price information listed as well.


polidor has decent prices… it’s our only must go every time.


was so upset not to make it there last time


Thanks France Trippers. I should have reached out sooner. When you only know Paris thru books and movies you think great food and entertainment are on every corner.


Restaurant Ellsworth

I did manage to get a few more pictures from the young people. I think they found this spot on the link @beam posted. The owners are American. :smile:

These dishes are from their vegetarian menu.

Restaurant Ellsworth
34, rue de Richelieu
Paris (75001)