FTC Confessions


(1) To make you burp; and
(2) You wouldn’t be able to describe some Carmenere without having tasted them.


Neither of us like green bells but like the other colors. BTW green aren’t ripe.


note to self: Never drink a Carmenere.


Since these poor defenseless veggies cannot speak, I’ll stand up for them. There’s more vitamin C in each pepper than in 3-4 oranges. When stuffed, bell peppers taste great, and they look damn fine on a paella. Italian antipasti platters are just that much better with pepper on them as well.

(Don’t ever ask me to go to such lengths to defend celery, though.)


I third that.


Just green or all colors?


All colors.


There are black bell peppers?


I’ve seen purple ones so dark that they were dang near black. But not.


I’m so really surprised by that. I LOATHE green bell peppers. To the point of picking them out of any dish that has them. We call them “lurkers.” But love the ripe peppers.


+1. can’t stand bell peppers (even stuffed—sorry JL). Yes, they add color to things but ruin the flavor. they are somewhat tolerable marinated in olive oil, but only barely.


Phew. A kindred spirit.


I really don’t like most fruit . That slice of orange next to my eggs makes me shudder .


:+1: I think they have an innate sour bitterness that I just don’t like.


I’ve never had a Filet o’ Fish sandwich.

Today I consumed a pot and a half of strong coffee, half a box of leftover vegetable Mu Shu straight from the fridge, a thing of Primal Vegan jerky, much water, and am now eating stale carrot cake. Yes, the animals in the house eat much better than me.


[quote=“Bookwich, post:197, topic:3927, full:true”]
I don’t know how to use a salad spinner, or a rice cooker.
[/quote]Your confessions never cease to amaze me.


Hey -

[quote=“BHAppeal, post:146, topic:3927”]
Professor Pringle sees pigs fly and fatally curious cows
[/quote] :relaxed: That reminded me of something the Spinal Tap crew would think-up. I knew the host was goofing, but thought it was a real interview until the toothless dog thing!


[quote=“CeleryVictor, post:208, topic:3927”]
but I can’t imagine the two together.
[/quote]I love ketchup and mustard on my corn dog.


[quote=“thechez5, post:220, topic:3927”]
I have what might be an irrational hatred for bell peppers.
[/quote]I feel that way about tarragon. It makes me angry.


[quote=“J_L, post:225, topic:3927”]
There’s more vitamin C in each pepper than in 3-4 oranges.
[/quote]Yep, I used to think they were useless health wise. But when I learned about all the great things in a pepper it made me like them more.