FTC Confessions


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[/quote]I’m using that.


All that chain steakhouse talk on the CUT thread is responsible for this confession.

*Cheesecake Factory
(chicken & biscuits and miso salmon are my go tos, and of course the cheesecake)

*P.F. Chang’s Oolong Seabass

*Hawaiian Ono (the mac salad is :yum:)

*Red Lobster

*IHop pancakes

*Denny’s breakfast

*Fleming’s :wink:

*probably more… :thinking:

I don’t eat at these places often, but I like them!


Glad you liked it. The podcast has its ups and downs, which makes sense because I think it is improvised. They must be food fans though, because some of the best episodes (at least to me) poke fun at things like cocktail culture, high end coffee shops,chain restaurants and Farm-To-Table places.



I hate cilantro and parsley.

But I don’t mind the cilantro-onion combo on tacos. That is the only exception.

I love basil.

Rosemary, only if she’s with Garlic and Olive Oil.

Tarragon is good with some shellfish, butter, and white wine. And chicken salads.


[quote=“BHAppeal, post:244, topic:3927”]
which makes sense because I think it is improvised.
[/quote] :grinning: Just like the Spinal Tap cast.

Yes, you can tell they know about the food industry.


Why am I not surprised by this? :wink:[quote=“JeetKuneBao, post:246, topic:3927”]
I don’t mind the cilantro-onion combo on tacos. That is the only exception.

Yes, tarragon is good with a lot of things. I hate it.


I love tarragon, but I know exactly what you mean. :grin:


i like to eat baby animals


That is true folks, very, very true.


I love a good Tommy Burger and chili cheese fries once a year or so. However…

I stopped in this morning, having wanted to try their breakfast burrito. It was probably the worst fast food item I have ever had.


Hostess Snacks.

My top choices:

-Ding Dongs. Paired with cold milk.

-Twinkies. Obviously the most popular but still classic.

-Donettes. Someone at work brings the Powdered Sugar ones in and I just can’t have one.

-Zingers. I don’t know why but I love the top of these things.

-Blueberry Mini Muffins.

I never did this as a kid but if you warm up a Hostess Snack just right in the microwave…ZOMG!!!NOMNOM^*%#<!!!


All the shit Mom wouldn’t buy for my lunches. On the days where I took leftover pizza for lunch, I would trade a piece or two for these gems. One piece of pizza would get me 2-3 days of Hostess goodness.




Never had a burrito there but I used to order the chili covered burger with chili fries and then watch them slide across the slightly tilted table because of all the greasy oil. :roll_eyes::flushed: Despite that it was pretty good IIRC, although every time I go by the Tommy’s near me I just can’t bring myself to do it again.


Sara Lee pound cake straight out of the freezer on a hot day.


For someone who I give hat tips to all the time, this is a big time demerit for you. And I thought I was Westside-centric. :wink:


I never judged you until reading this. :joy:


Like their bird, hate their sides.


But let’s face it… without gravy and stuffing it probably is a pretty boring meat.

Turkey is the tofu of meat. Vegans aren’t missing much when they commiserate over their orb of Tofurkey.