FTC Confessions


If that’s your only “shortcoming,” I need to get the Costco-sized packs of Hail Marys and Our Fathers.


It will always be The Fox Hills Mall to me. Not that malls are the zenith of cultural and social identity, but Westfield is topping off the generic-afying of something that really only has its name tied to geography or historic past to differentiate it from other similar elephantine commercial structures. Rant about stupid stance on stupid stuff over - for now. :stuck_out_tongue:


FTC 6-foot tall minion?


Popeye’s red beans and rice is legit - in my mind.


cold spaghetti noodles with unmelted butter

That’s… interesting - NO!:astonished: NO!:astonished:

Judging is wrong, but… :fearful:?


Throw in a pork chop with that.


Are those ingredients in exponentially ascending order?


Beans + rice = complete protein.
Complete protein + cheese = nummy
nummy + hot sauce ^ = :heartbeat:


Anti-celerite. Shame!


Ketchup and hot mustard for fries - Johnnie’s pastrami taught me that.


Agree - people swoon over tarragon. Eh…


I’m starting to notice that you’re not shy with that yellow cheese. Not sayin’ that’s a bad thing.:speak_no_evil::hear_no_evil::see_no_evil:


You’ve made that very obvious. From gonads to senior citizens - you are FTC’s Tasmanian Devil.


What’s the problem with yellow cheese?


Yeah, the tortilla was really rubbery and had an off smell that I best describe as bad cornmeal. I didn’t get the sense that any of the components, except maybe the chili would taste good on it’s own, and even the chili lacked something. I’ll stick to the burgers and fries from now on.

Oh, I’ll be back for the burgers and fries, but it might be awhile.


[quote=“JeetKuneBao, post:253, topic:3927”]
Hostess Snacks.
[/quote]Me too. I panicked when they threatened to go out of business and the products weren’t on the shelves. I also felt guilty because I hadn’t bought a hostess product in years. So now I do my part by buying the chocolate cupcakes and or twinkies almost every time I’m at Ralphs, then I give most of them away. The last batch of cupcakes was sooo moist and fresh :blush:.


[quote=“bulavinaka, post:262, topic:3927”]
If that’s your only “shortcoming,”
[/quote]Okay then, I should be locked up for this one. I’ve never been to Republique either and we live less than a mile away. The reasons would trigger another host of confessions. :relieved:


Not sayin’ that’s a bad thing.


My bestie made a giant Hostess cupcake birthday cake for a party last week. Was tasty and so cute. There are lots of recepies/images if you google.
I asked for a Twinkie cake for my July BD.


[quote=“bulavinaka, post:263, topic:3927”]
It will always be The Fox Hills Mall to me.
[/quote]Me too. This is a confession, but it has nothing to do with food. When I was sixteen my cousin and I got arrested in the driveway of The Fox Hills Mall. The reason isn’t very exciting. We were unknowingly driving my crazy uncle’s way overdue rental car. We were let out balling :cry: within’ the hour. My aunt aka Bonnie Parker was mad at the uncle, but mostly she was mad at us for crying in front of the police.