FTC Confessions


Nah - Republique is good for what it is. The space is unique and nice. The pastry case is visually impressive with the multitude of items that appear near impeccable. While very good, I find the pastries not great for the most part.

I’ve only been for breakfast and brunch - Interesting menu, and again, the food is very good - not great to me. I think because the space is quite nice and everything else can be visually stunning or whet one’s appetite, Republique kinda oversells itself, setting the bar very high for one’s expectations,along it very difficult to meet those.




Hey, don’t go yucking my yumming! (I know it sounds disgusting but it makes me happy. YMMV grin.)


You’re right - I’m sorry. That one just caught me off guard. Here’s one back at you - mayo on steamed rice. With a little soy sauce.


Bawler life.


Yess. Kewpie mayo, soy sauce, and steamed rice (sometimes with furikake on top) is one of my favorite combinations.


I was given shoyu mayo all the time as a child so I would eat my broccoli.


How about a raw or soft poached egg also?


@thechez5 and @A5KOBE, I’m supposed to be looking wierd on this one. :upside_down_face::yum:


Hey, mayo is just oil and eggs right?


Fried egg with runny yolk sometimes, but I haven’t had it with a raw or poached egg.



And wine is just grapes. :stuck_out_tongue::wine_glass:


True dat.


Oh wow. You’re one of the few. I thought I was missing something.

Here is another confession; I had never heard of Walter Manzke and his wife. So, I thought Republique seemed unusually pricey and couldn’t figure out why people were lining up. But my main silly reason for not going - and I’ve said this before - is I’m in mourning for Campanile. But we’ll probably make it there one day. It’s not going anywhere.


I love mayo on steamed rice.


I have a jail story! :grin:


Yes, with furikake!


Please review the jail food. Was the service on-point?


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[/quote]I can’t spell either. Stay in school kids.