FTC Confessions


We weren’t there long enough for food. But we were probably on our way to Hot Dog on a Stick when we got nabbed by five-o.


I confess that when I saw Dollar Tree had 3.5 oz ribeyes, I was tempted to buy a couple “just because.” I saw them in the freezer case and saw the ingredient list. Yes, ingredient list. I need not confess I didn’t buy them.


“They see me rollin’
They hatin’
Patrolling they tryin’ to catch me ridin’ dirty
Tryin’ to catch me ridin’ dirty…”




Ha! Now yours sounds good to me. (Have I told you about my favorite childhood sandwich? Bread and mayonnaise. Sometimes garlic salt. That’s it.)


See you on the Mayo aisle!


Contrary to all known laws of physics, I think AOC has only one good dish on its menu.


Sporting chub just looking at that thang of beauty!



The only time I eat at Hot Dog on a Stick is at the Del Mar Fairgrounds and they have TURKEY Corn Dogs!!


I’m bored with unpacking, so I am going to play a game to guess what everyone thinks is the "one good dish on it’s menu ".

@J_L - braised short rib, pea tendrils, snap peas
& mustard crème fraîche focaccia

@PorkyBelly - grilled pork tenderloin, potato gnocchi, swiss chard, marsala & black olive chimichurri

@robert - sweet potatoes, bacon, spinach & romesco

@Nemroz - spicy soppressata, roasted tomato, mozzarella & lemon focaccia

@ipsedixit. - english peas, snap peas, saffron butter & pea tendrils

@Chowseeker1999 - spanish fried chicken, romesco aïoli & chili-cumin butter

I know I didn’t get everyone, so feel free to add your own guesses based on what you think you know about that person’s tastes.

The rule is you may not state your own preference, but you can say "“yes”, “no”, or “not even close”. :sunglasses:


Fun! Not even close.


It better not be the hamburger!


Not even close

@Bookwich - arugula, cherries, pistachio aillade & picolo and some purse-kale.

@TheCookie - spanish fried chicken, romesco aïoli & chili-cumin butter


Yes… :smirk:

Okay, second guess for @PorkyBelly:

duck confit hash
wild mushrooms & poached eggs


[quote=“ElsieDee, post:306, topic:3927”]
Bread and mayonnaise. Sometimes garlic salt. That’s it.)
[/quote]Jiff or Skippy P.B. and Hellmans (Best Foods) mayo on white bread. Nowadays I’ll take it anyway I can get it: crunchy organic p.b. and veganaise on ezekiel bread - but the childhood version is still my fave.




I’m not sure about fried, but he does have a fondness for chicken.


Hi @Bookwich,

I have no idea what I’m stepping into, LOL, but you guessed pretty closely. :wink: I did like AOC’s Spanish Fried Chicken. :slight_smile: And a few other dishes.


The Original Hot Dog on a Stick also carries Turkey Dogs and Veggie Dogs too…


I believe HDOaS only serves turkey dogs now–no beef dogs. We don’t go there any more for that reason. Fortunately, here in Vegas there’s a corn dog truck that serves beef corndogs, hot links, and other stuff, and it’s really excellent. They park a little too near to where we live.