FTC Confessions


When did they change? I haven had one in 20 years but this is from 2016. http://hotdogonastick.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/HDOS-Ingredients-Statement-Summary-5-3-16-1.pdf


I’m guessing they made the switch about 10 years ago, but I don’t remember exactly.


But the attachment Is an ingredients list and shoes a Nathan’s BEEF hot dog as a 2016 menu item. Also Turkey and Cheese, but Beef is one. Possibly this varies by location but franchises don’t usually work that way.


I was a member of the Sambo’s Tiger Tamer’s Club.


Sorry–I didn’t look. Maybe they changed back. Last I checked was about 5 years ago, and at that time it was still all turkey dogs. I’ll check it out, although we rarely go to malls these days.


I just like the food at Gjusta. I don’t love it.


Going to see Collective Soul at Del Mar Fair and first on the agenda is a Turkey corn dog with Gobbs of yellow mustard!!!


Well! Now there’s a brave confession for you.


I can agree with this, depending on which case I’m standing in front of. As good as some of their baked goods are, I think this category is Gjusta’s weak link. Their pastries can be ho-hum. If you’ve ever tried their mochi and citrus slice baked in a pastry shell, give me a B. Give me an O. What’s that on your finger? RING. BORING.


Plus, there is happy hour at the Paddock…sweet!


Et tu, Brute?


Call me a turncoat (oh, you already did!:grin:) but I don’t think anyone here has applauded that particular pastry.

If the FTC time machine were to take Gjusta back 10 years in its current state, they’d be killing it in LA with many of their pastries and dessert-ish stuff - breads for sure. But the general state of baked goods has improved so much now that one can be more critical. And if the criticism falls on places like Gjusta, we as eaters are doing well.


Hah! I’ll take a boring miso-date cookie all day every day :slight_smile:


I just stumbled in here by accident and what did I see?! :sob: @bulavinaka how could you? :frowning: :smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

In general, I do agree that many of Gjusta’s pastries are only OK to so-so. However when they shine, they really shine (as in Best in L.A. level):

  • Carrot Cake - If people haven’t had Gjusta’s Carrot Cake, it is everything you thought a Carrot Cake should be: Moist, nice creaminess without being heavy. Not overly sweet, seriously the best Carrot Cake I’ve ever had! :slight_smile:

  • Pumpernickel Fudge Brownie - It might sound mundane, but their Pumpernickel Fudge Brownie is pure Chocolate essence… so rich, luxurious. I bought a bunch back for some co-workers, and for friends, and everyone that’s tried it has said, “Can you please buy me another one next time???” :grin:

  • Hazelnut Paris Brest: In their refrigerated dessert section (on the other side of the pastry case), the pastry itself is light and delicate, the Hazelnut Choux is amazing! Lightly nutty, lush, yet not heavy… probably tied for favorite pastry dessert at Gjusta right now. :blush:

So it’s not all so-so! :wink:


Or miso-chocolate chip. I don’t really eat sweets, but I buy these for people and they are always happy.

I like their bread a lot, especially the baguettes.


@aaqjr and @Chowseeker1999, you folks are so right in pointing out these shining examples. And their breads are excellent as well (their dishes including bread shine).

Gjusta has a pretty strong rep here. And considering how much of their food is considered exceptional, I would expect the same of their baked items.

Their baklava croissant has drawn a fair amount of attention from the start. While it is good, I personally don’t find it special. Pistachios typically have a delicate flavor. Maybe with the exception of Bulgarini (amazing quality and skills), I think most places fall short when it comes to using pistachios. Just my opinion, but I think Gjusta is in the same.crowd here.


I do agree with you the baklava croissant is kinda -meh, needs more punch. The pastries at Superba for example are superior and it does say how much the LA bread and pastry scene is on the come up because they aren’t bad just not as exceptional as most everything else.


The pastries and pain au chocolat are very good at Superba, but I don’t like their bread at all.


[quote=“Chowseeker1999, post:335, topic:3927”]
@bulavinaka how could you?
[/quote]I know. Had you realized before he was a terrible person?

I’m just joshing you guys. I’ve never been to Gjusta. All the love was making me jealous. But as bulavinaka has pointed out - I live in the middle of food heaven and should shut-it.


You’ve never been to Gjusta?