FTC Confessions


Isn’t she a bad person? Isn’t she? :laughing::wink:


Let’s kidnap her and make her spend three days eating on the Westside.


Tell her, “No - you won’t need a passport.”


Oops, I guess that was a confession.


I know @TheCookie. Hm… I insist you:

  • Visit Aburiya Raku.
  • Visit Gjusta.
  • Repeat visit to Howlin’ Ray’s!



I’ve never been to Japan.

Japanese Savory Pancakes - Doya Doya vs. Chinchikurin

Well, it’s Food on a Stick Month. I was going to suprise you. :kissing_heart:


You and @Bookwich are tied for best confessions.


I’m looking forward to it! :open_mouth: :wink:


Don’t let mhlee know that. ;-D


Omg, I adore you.


My favorite confession ever.


squash blossoms aside, I think Felix aint half as good as Bucato.


Will still go back though…


Saw this.


I love Del Taco.

Today I ate 4 value tacos from Del Taco for $3 on the dot after tax; I used up 11 inferno hot sauce packets.

The only thing I love more than Del Taco is $1.19 vanilla cones from McD. I’m determining how far off in the boonies my next house will be by measuring the time it takes from said house to nearest McDonalds.


This reminds of when we moved from SF to a small town in SW Oregon. A fellow transferree pointed out that in urban areas people cite “time” and where we had just moved it was “miles.” Miles mean little in big cities, huh


Scary confession: In my mind, I’ve named you Mr. Kerfuffle and Terroir Chief of Police. Still trying to decide which sticks better. :sweat_smile: You are a bad-ass though - kinda like @TonyC but with a meat hook in one hand and a fucking sharp-ass cleaver in the other. :fearful:


I’d call you a f-in’ loser but your last name is Mochi. And you’re a President. :sweat_smile:


Bastards shorted me the other night. Combo burrito, so I ordered 9 instead of the 13 I use on the Epic Bacon Chicken Ranch. The gave me four. Fool me once…

I guess Leo Getz is right about the drive thru…


that’s why I like walking in - gotta keep that sauce drawer well stocked.