FTC Confessions


You guys are funny




It is 90 degrees in Pasadena today and I had ramen at Tatsunoya. It was steaming hot. It hit the spot. I’d do it again.


Lots of eating in Asia is all about hot, sticky humidity in the 90s, and contrary to all good sense, you are sitting at some roadside stand, drenched in sweat, devouring some steaming, scorching bowl of deliciousness with wicked spicy soup, dried paste of some invertebrate, with a dab of a fermented concoction with herbs on the side. It’s counter-intuitively awesome.


Like this in Bangkok. And they poured the beer over ice.


The very description of most of our meals last week.

Beer in ice AND frog in clay pot for Cathy. :slight_smile:


I’ve eaten nothing but broth or gazpacho for about a week. I had a vegan ramen at Tentenyu, and took out all the vegetables and drank all the broth, then left the noodles in the bowl.

The weather makes me so thirsty and salt-cravey.


Well guys, I did it.

Was in Venice yesterday and couldn’t leave without a visit. I even broke my pork rule and had the Porchetta Melt.

Amazing Salmon Belly, Oil-Cured Sardines, Lox, Herring and Rockin' Breakfast! - Gjusta



You did it! And you didn’t need a passport, right? No nose bleed or turning into a pumpkin either I bet. More importantly, how was your sandwich?


Hah! Okay, so I loved the place and wished I had more time to get my bearings. It’s a madhouse like you guys describe. Like a louder, more rustic, hipster version our Jones on 3rd - and possibly better food (but can’t say yet) and definitely better street parking.

The sandwich was delicious; although I made the mistake of saving half and the grease pooled underneath, which made me realize what I had just put in my body (salad today).

I will try to be delicate about this part and just say, demographically, things sure have changed in Venice.

I will be in the area a few more times the next few weeks and will definitely go back.

Thanks for the nudge guys!

Amazing Salmon Belly, Oil-Cured Sardines, Lox, Herring and Rockin' Breakfast! - Gjusta

And their service sucks too, every time i try and order a salad they screw up and give me this instead:


Those f-ers!


don’t forget the smoked fish -I love it in sandwich form but you can try more getting a selection. I don’t know whats in the salad case right now but its usually worth checking out. I like the Bahn mi Americano (house made pate -yum). That miso date cookie. If it stays hot like this they usually have a tart shrub to drink that is pretty refreshing


Yah, I saw a few of those things in the case and was going crazy :yum:. I am a sucker for specialty food shops.


Try the cheeseburger. It has the five major food groups. Bun, meat, beef fat, beef marrow and cheese. Chase that with the other half of your Sammie and it will seem like diet food.




The burger is really good and kinda small too, so if you have half you can get another entree!


Nice! Finally went to Gjusta! :slight_smile: Be sure to try some of the other recs in the Gjusta thread, and report back on the LA Board. :slight_smile:


Was wondering the same thing.