FTC Confessions


Hi @Chowseeker1999 -

Haha… I was was thinking to link my posts to another dedicated Gjusta thread, most likely yours. So I did a little search and not surprisingly came across a lot of Gjusta :laughing:. The @CiaoBob to melt or not to melt the Porchetta Sandwich thread was particularly wacky - full of “wabi sabis, GPMs & GPBs” and cartoons and… I had to stop reading for now. Like I wrote, it was a madhouse and I had a lot going on that day. I forgot there even was another Porchetta Sandwich. But I will probably weigh in on that thread with my thoughts on the Melt at some point too.

Anyway, to make a long story short (not an easy thing for me), I will definitely be exploring their menu more and post on your great Gjusta thread.



Because she’s different… and that’s how we like her. :wink:


Because I’m not hungry?

I forgot to add that I also ate a lot of strawberries and cherries, and baguette. So I’m not starving or anything, don’t worry. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Who eats half a burger? :wink:


Small but super rich, I distinctly remember a river of drippings flowing down my arm while eating it. I had to order that prime rib salad @PorkyBelly posted above to lighten the meal up a bit.


When we have a burger in a restaurant, we always split it.


Don’t try to lie. :wink:


We grind our own meat and make 4oz burgers. Started at 6, then 5 and have gone with 4 for several years. We put so much stuff on our burgers that 4 is plenty. Recently we even left off the bread (English muffin rather than bun).


One of best concerts in a long time!
Ed Roland, lead singer of Collective Soul, is a sexy showboat of Jagger-esque proportion…

Next is Hall & Oates with Tears for Fears. . .


Our last one was Def Leppard, Poison, & Tesla in Chula Vista last Friday.

Hall & Oates/TFF is up next for us, too.


Seems like all my friends are heading out to H&O/TFF in Vegas and PHX too!


I don’t much care for the super-fancy, high butterfat, new-flavor-combination ice cream places. A bite or two of most and I’m done. I actually like Dryers Rocky Road, but not the Rocky Road served at these high-end ice cream shops. It’s like there’s too much intensity - doesn’t mean it’s bad, but doesn’t scratch the ice-cream-craving-itch for me.

I’ve tried. I’ve failed. I accept that I’m a cretin.

(Though I do like some of the more typical sorbet flavors some of these places create. Is that redeeming?)

My favorite homemade quesadilla involves cheapass flour tortillas, chunks of Swiss cheese, and the thing tossed in the microwave for melting. Cut into wedges and eaten without salsa, guacamole, sour cream, etc.


I agree, all that butterfat coats the tongue and gets kind of icky after a couple bites. I just has a Pinkberry original; such a nice, icy treat.


Ugh, yet another confession: I’ve never had anything from Pinkberry.


I’ve have a $10 Pinkberry gift card for years and never been and still holding on to it in case I run into one!


I’m really craving a Sizzler salad bar right now.


I wonder what kind of fish it is. I’m reading Real Food/Fake Food by Larry Olmsted. The chapter on fish is exceptionally interesting.


I had Top Ramen for lunch today (“Oriental” flavor, of course). I cracked in an egg at the end of cooking and supplemented the salt bomb packet with Lao Gan Ma Chili Crisp.


Remember the Chart House salad bar…
Damn, that set the bar high for salad bars across the US.


When road trippin’ to PHX from SD, there is an Arby’s in Yuma, AZ that makes one of the best Turkey Rueben on Rye with sauerkraut, grilled onions, thousand and swiss.
Plus, with that horsey sauce squeezed out on it’s da :bomb: