FTC Confessions


I was at the MdR one for happy hour. That salad bar was the first thing that came to mind as I walked up to the door.


Yes, miss that since the location in Newport closed a few years ago. Salad bar was long gone before then though.

@Plumeria, one of my visits there was a surfing awards dinner. The bay view wasn’t the only nice thing to look at that night :sunglasses:


AFIK there’s still a Chart House in Dana Point.


That one is actually close to my house, but other than the cool building and view the food isn’t very good.


Dang Bubbly, we would of had a blast looking at all the ‘surf candy’…
Love Love Love the surfer look…


Saturday I was eating like a king at n/naka
Today I’m eating like a pauper at Del Taco

If you moved the decimal places two spots to the right on my Del Taco receipt, n/naka was still more expensive.


And I respect people like you more than the ones who have to make every meal an event. This morning we SHARED a breakfast sandwich at JITB. Two nights ago we had a multi-course dinner with wine pairings. I wouldn’t want to eat either way all the time.


Part of my job is to review property reports throughout the southwestern US. I do a Yelp search around almost every property I look at to see what’s around.


Often, when ordering at a restaurant, I focus on the garnish, rather than the protein.


Like a parsley spring?


I do like parsley. Dip it in a little salt and it has a refreshing herbal kick.


That’s not an FTC confession, that’s SOP for 90 percent of the people here. Stop, reverse that. Then it’s a confession.



I thought FTC was kinda a guilty pleasure type thing.




I will only go to Cafe Gratitude armed with a bagful of Filet-O-Fish.

Like I did today.


From OP: “The confessional is open, all confessions will be forgiven.” So choosing fries - always - over salad sounds like a ‘confession.’ What’s your interpretation?


That confessing one prefers salad over French fries means you are a weirdo. Maybe even a vegan! :scream_cat:


Hey now, there’s nothing wrong with choosing to live in Las Vegas…


I’ll forgive you… maybe.


I AM… McSupersizing.