FTC Confessions


I like frozen pizza .:pizza: Red Baron is my favorite. Also I like veal rib chops . I always find them to be the best value and best tasting . People are so freaked out on veal .


When a restaurant advertises “No MSG” … I bring my own.


There ya go!


At vegan restaurants I ask if they can make a special “meat dish” just for me.


Went to Olive Garden last week for the Buy one, take one entree home for $12.99…what a deal!

So damn good, I wrote the CEO and told him how impressed OG had stepped up their food game…
He was so flattered, he sent me a nice size gift card!

I had the Fettuccini Alfredo with grilled chicken and cheese ravioli…such huge entrees that it made for 4 extra meals…

I’m still in shock and can’t wait to go back if it was a rainbow unicorn kind of day. .


Costco pizza let’s you add extra cheese, pepperoni for no charge…
They also have black olives and mushrooms too…secret menu.
Best deal for $10 and its a huge mo fo pizza!


We find Costco’s pizza just so greasy. We take paper napkins and blot as much as possible off. We stick with the Polish and a drink for $1.50.


We get the the whole pizza to go/takeaway and heat it up on the pizza stone at home and it is beyond fantastic…
I usually add EVO, ghost chile crushed peppers with cracked fresh ground pepper and sea salt…she shoots, she scores!


For take n bake we get Papa Murphy’s. So many options including our fave of thin crust.




Ikea??!! (that’s the best part about shopping there!)


We had this recently and I was shocked at how good it was. Those beans were actually crunchy!


You mean there’s something else to do at Ikea?


Not at our Ikea, ever. Despite that, I enjoy the meals there. Good meatballs, veg cakes, and decent poached salmon, with better pretend-hollandaise than I would expect for cafeteria food.


We did notice that they had just brought out a new pan of beans. And breakfast is really good. A good portion of well-cooked eggs, sausage and potatoes. And free coffee.


There’s hardly a room in our houses that doesn’t have something(s) from Ikea. And we’ve done two of their kitchens which are real work horses.


Ah! If this was from the Carson location, we might have been fine dining at the same place at the same time. Only, I opted for the hot dog / soft serve combo.


one can only walk in circles for so long…


This was actually at the Costa Mesa location, but the Carson one is where I usually go.


I had lodge bread this weekend (ancient grain) but cut off the crust. :sweat: