FTC Confessions


I unwillingly ate dinner tonight at Buca di Beppo. It wasn’t terrible and I might even return one day.


Things I’ve googled this past week, upon waking:

“Why don’t Italians eat strawberries?”

“Does Japanese food use garlic?”

“What food do they eat in Iceland?”

“Mascarpone savory recipes?”

“Who invented leavened bread?”


They raise lamb in Iceland and it’s the best we’ve ever had. They also do a lot of gardening in green houses. They still have to import a lot but not everything. And, damn, everything is super expensive.


Because they’re saving it for gelato alla fragola.


As someone who doesn’t enjoy cooking or baking at all, this is one of my favorite recipes ever. I use TJ’s brioche slices for it.


I wonder if there’s any reasonable way to do multiples or one large one.


This is right up my daughter’s alley. She loves making single serve desserts!


I hope she likes this one. I usually top it with the sauce in this recipe, but I add a bit of heavy cream to it because I like to gild the lily. :smile:


I just had, yes, sushi with … red wine.
The sushi : Matsuhisa’s chef’s choice.
The red: 2015 Domaine Frédéric Esmonin Ruchottes-Chambertin Grand Cru.
No complaints.


Red wine with sushi is not so out of the realm of normal… Shige-san at Shibucho has made a friggin’ career out of pairing premier crus with his excellent sushi.

But eating straight up sushi at Matsuhisa? Now, that is confession-worthy. Matsuhisa’s true strength lies in his Peruvian-Japanese FUSION dishes. And even then - it’s best to avoid the main dining room at the Matsuhisa flagship, and instead focus on the private food bar in the side room, where the taste caliber goes up several delicious notches.


I knew something was wrong . Mea culpa!


Love liver. Gizzards and heart too.


I love foie but not “liver” but love gizzards and hearts. Mmm


I don’t know what’s in an “everything” bagel…


Usually it’s more about what’s ON it not in it. Around here they’re covered in toasted onion, garlic, salt, and pepper. Otherwise pretty much a standard water bagel, except for whatever of the coating ingredients penetrate during baking.


No poppy seeds? No sesame seeds? Blasphemy.


Trader Joe’s sell an everything bagel spice that is pretty good. It has salt in there which I think is a critical component of an everything bagel.


I love FOF! I would often buy two and combine the “filets” to make a double FOF. I am not ashamed about eating that, just about throwing away the second bun.

Also, I miss Taco Bell.


I think you can ask for “double fish” when ordering a FOF…

But even better than that is the Filet o Hashbrown !!!


I went to one for the first time in a decade a few nights ago since I temporarily boycotted Del Taco for removing the fake nacho cheese. Let’s just say the boycott is over.